Are Your Valuables Protected?: This Is How to Choose the Right Storage Unit Lock

Market researchers estimate the mechanical locks market size to grow by $2.52 billion up to 2026. Storage facilities can have controlled access, unit alarms, and surveillance monitoring.

Even so, a storage unit lock security level serves to protect your valuables stored in the storage facility.

There are many types of storage unit locks in the market today. Cylinder locks are the most secure locks for your storage unit security. They’re installed internally within your storage unit like the front door locks in your apartment.

Disc locks are the most common self-storage locks. They’re solidly striking and drill-proof. You’ll need a piece of specialized electrical equipment, time, and effort to break these locks.

Investing in a good lock will guarantee your storage unit security. This article provides a detailed guide on how to choose the right storage unit lock.


Many locks are made from alloyed steel that makes them strong. Some locks will also have a covering plastic coating for outdoor uses.

The plastic coating protects your storage unit lock from rust. Besides, the coated storage locks work best for non-climate storage units whose access is from the outside.

You’ll also find locks that are made from brass. Even though they‘re pretty in appearance, you’ll not get the strength like that of a lock made from steel alloys.

Locking Mechanisms

You’ll find two types of locking mechanisms in a storage unit lock – keyed and combination locking mechanisms. Inexpensive combination locks will have combinations preset by the manufacturer. The quality ones allow you to set your combination and adjust it when you wish to.

Both types of locking mechanisms will work well for your storage unit security. Even so, your preference will vary depending on whether you want to remember a combination or carry a key.

Storage Unit Lock Budget

Locks can cost between tens to hundreds of dollars. The cost may vary depending on the quality and type of your storage unit lock.

There’s a common belief that the bigger the size, the more it’ll cost you and the more secure it’ll be. While this might sound very factual, it’s not always the case.

Always go for the quality of the storage unit lock and not its size.

Evaluate Your Needs

To choose the best storage unit lock, you need to keep your needs in mind. You might want to consider the value of the items you need to secure. If you have precious objects in storage, you might want to buy the highest quality storage lock.

Considering how long you plan to store your belongings in the storage facility will help define your needs. If you wish to store your goods for a long period, a durable, high-quality lock for a storage unit will guarantee your peace of mind.

Choosing a Storage Unit Lock

With the considerations mentioned above, you can now choose the right storage unit lock. The security of your belongings should always be in your mind.

If possible, avoid buying padlocks and single combination locks. They’re not only easy to break but also the least secure storage security options.

Browse this page for more information on choosing the right storage unit lock and related security options.


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