What You Need to Know Before You Buy Property in Another Country

If you could buy a property overseas for any purpose, where would it be? For Americans, the most popular answer seems to be Mexico.

Investing in foreign property can be an excellent choice, for your wallet and mental health. Having a luxurious place to vacation or retire is one of the biggest reasons people buy property overseas.

Buying property in another country isn’t as easy as it sounds, though. It’s important to do research before committing to anything, and we can help with that process. We’ll talk about some things you should know before buying property overseas in this article.

The Laws of the Country

To a certain extent, the laws aren’t going to change much from country to country. It’s never going to be okay to steal things, for instance.

While criminal law remains mostly the same, civil law can differ quite a bit. A great example of this is ownership laws regarding visitors and expatriates.

While the US doesn’t have any laws saying what a non-citizen can and can’t own, or under what circumstances, many countries do. Some countries only offer certain pieces of land to foreigners, and only through a trust.

Some countries only allow citizens to own land outright. Either way, becoming a citizen is definitely worth the investment.


When buying any house, let alone one overseas, one of your biggest concerns is going to be money. How do you intend to pay for your new home? The two most popular options are cash and a bank loan, but both have their downsides.

For instance, paying in cash is a simpler process, but gathering up that much money is often difficult. There’s also the issue of theft and fraud. Credit cards and bank accounts are constantly tracked and cash isn’t, which means that it’s much harder to establish when cash has been stolen.

Bank loans are more secure, but they often come with additional hoops to jump through. US banks usually won’t provide funding for an overseas transaction. Banks in-country often charge significant down payments to expatriates, which isn’t good news if you’re moving to the UK, Japan, or another particularly expensive country.

Cost of Living

Buying a property is only the first step in the process. You should also consider the cost of living and whether or not you can afford the day-to-day bills.

Have a look at some of these luxury house costs in Spain, for example.

What to Know About Living in Another Country

Living in another country can be incredible, but it isn’t to be entered into lightly. There are a lot of things to know about how property and real estate work for foreign investors in your preferred country before you commit to anything.

We’ve talked about some of the things you’ll need to consider in the paragraphs above, but there’s a lot more to know about foreign real estate than we could cover here.

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