Australia Travel Advice: 4 Australia Facts That Shock Tourists!

Australia is one of the most scenic nations the Earth has to offer. It’s no wonder 9.1 million visitors came to the Land Down Under in the last year. Who wouldn’t want to experience the country’s laid-back attitude and extraordinary outdoor adventures? 

A lot of visitors have misconceptions when first visiting Aussie land. No one rides a Kangaroo to work, nor does everyone live on the beach. But, all silly cliche stereotypes aside, what actually do first-time tourists have wrong?

Make the most of your holiday by doing your research ahead of time. Here’s some Australia travel advice for our first-time visitors. 

1. Focus on a Specific Area/Region

So many novice visitors believe they can ‘do’ Australia in a few weeks. But, that’s not possible. The land is rather expansive, plus, you have to account for the major gaps between big cities.  

Don’t spread yourself too thin and attempt to tackle as much of the continent as possible. You’ll spend most of your time traveling in a car looking at desolate lands.

Instead, focus on a specific region or city and make the most of your time there. Believe us, you won’t run out of things to do. 

2. Get Into Aussie History

We’re not taught much about Australian history in school. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a plethora of sites that prove the country’s 50,000-year history

You can find a lot of these attractions centered around the major city limits. For example, no trip to Sydney is complete without a visit to the Opera House and Kirribilli Point. 

Be sure to check out some of the lesser known sites, as well. For example, was once the iconic Kent Brewery. Although the Old Clare Hotel is full of modern dress, you can still see the rich history of this site live on.

3. Tipping Culture

As you know, tipping culture in most countries does vary. Australia is especially different from America in this realm. In Australia, patrons aren’t expected to tip at all.

Tipping in Australia isn’t an insult or anything; you can tip if you feel obligated. But, no one here expects you to.

Unlike in America, there is no minimum wage separate to tipped employees. They must make the same base pay as everyone else. 

4. When to Travel

A lot of travelers have misconceptions about Australian weather. They make the mistake of believing U.S. winter months are always the best time to come. While southern Australia is more enjoyable in the “off-season”, the northern part is not. 

If visiting in November through April, you can expect a lot of dampness and humidity. Save Sydney and Melbourne for the winter months, and Northern Territory for summer.  

For More Australia Travel Advice

You can’t beat the eclectic culture and friendly attitude of our southernmost continent. Knowing when to travel and where to visit can save you a great deal of headache once you land. Now, get out there and explore down under! 

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