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How to Look As Hot as You Feel in Workout Clothes

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73% of Americans work out at least once a week. Odds are, you’re among them.

We work out to feel and look better. Do your exercise clothes reflect that? Or are you simply throwing on the nearest big t-shirt and sweatpants?

If that sounds like you, you might actually be doing yourself a disservice. Believe it or not, there’s actually proper workout attire out there that’ll make your workouts more effective.

Read on to learn more about why wearing hot workout clothes matters, and what to wear to workout to maximize your time spent sweating!

Start with Comfort

First things first: stop working out in cotton!

Do you ever feel like your clothes stick to you while working out? That might be because cotton holds moisture. When you’re working out, that translates to sweat.

Ditch cotton apparel when working out and opt for a moisture-wicking fabric instead. The best workout clothes will advertise on the label that they’re made with moisture-wicking material, but if they don’t, look for polypropylene on the label.

You should also get yourself a supportive sports bras to keep the girls perky while you do your cardio, and comfortable, stylish shoes that make you feel good!

Ditch the Sweats

Have you ever worn your yoga tights to class or work on casual Friday? Next Friday, give it a try and see how you feel. Take note particularly of whether or not your clothing makes you more inclined to work out.

The concept called “enclothed cognition” suggests that what we wear has a direct influence on our motivation and our habits. Yes, you read that right; Research suggests that wearing your yoga clothes will actually make you want to do yoga more.

That means you should leave the sweatpants at home. Skip over any clothing in the morning that doesn’t make you feel motivated, powerful, and inspired to hit the gym.

On days off, opt for workout clothes instead of pajamas. You might just decide to go for that run instead of to brunch after all. It’s science! 

Hot Workout Clothes in All Seasons

Just because it might be winter time doesn’t mean you can’t look good in your workout clothes. They key is in layering. 

Too often runners simply throw on whatever workout clothes are handy and pop on a down jacket on top. Not only will this overheat you after an extended cardiovascular workout, but it won’t make you look particularly good, either.

Instead, opt for wind and water-proof layers that won’t drown you in a sea of down. Wind and moisture are the real enemies of the winter runner, not the temperature. Your body heat takes care of that. 

In the summertime, moisture-wicking material is just as important. Although you’ll, of course, need fewer layers, you’ll be even sweatier, so make sure you skip cotton clothing! 

What’s On Your Mind? 

Now that you’ve read up on how to wear hot workout clothes to match your hot workout session, you can go forth to the gym with a renewed confidence and your head held high! 

Got something on your mind besides the best workout clothes on the market? Get in touch with us to talk all things curious! 

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