Best Platform to Sell Online: 7 Awesome Sites to Sell Your Stuff

Whether you’ve recently watched Tidying Up With Marie Kondo or if you’re preparing for a move and need to get rid of extra stuff, you’re definitely ready to clear out some space. 

However, you don’t want to just throw it away. 

You’re looking to recoup at least some of your initial investment. 

That’s why you’re interested in selling your items online. But with so many different options and platforms out there, which one is the best choice for what you’re looking to unload? 

Read on to discover the best platform to sell online for your specific needs. 

1. Etsy

The easiest way to learn how to sell your stuff online is to list it for sale on Esty. 

No matter what you might think, the site sells much more than just crafts and clothes. 

You can sell pretty much anything here, and setting up your own shop is surprisingly simple. It’s free to open your shop, but the platform does charge you 20 cents per item listed. 

When the items sell, you’ll pay about a 5% transaction fee and a 3% or so transaction fee, meaning that usually, the total taken out of your profits is around 8.25%

If you’re selling something inexpensive, this may not be the best place to sell online. However, it’s a great option for bigger ticket items. 

2. eBay

You can find all kinds of online stuff on eBay, and chances are good that you’ve had experience shopping on this famous online marketplace before. 

You can choose to list your items for immediate sale, or put them up for auction and sell them to the highest bidder. 

You’ll usually pay around 10% of the total cost of the sale as your commission, though you may be charged a bit more for larger items. 

3. Facebook Marketplace 

If you need to sell stuff ASAP, then Facebook Marketplace is definitely your best option. 

It’s also a much more casual way to sell online than many of the other platforms on this list. 

All you need to do is snap a few pictures of your items with your phone, describe them, and set your price. You should also specify your location and make it clear whether or not you’re willing to ship. 

Here, you’re completely responsible for shipping items yourself. Check out the option of creating a label for shipping from home so that you don’t lose time in line at the post office. 

If the buyer is in your city, most people opt to arrange a meeting time and location for a drop-off or pickup. 

4. Craiglist 

When in doubt, something the classics really are your best bet. 

No matter what you have to list, chances are good that someone on Craigslist — especially if you live in a metropolitan area — is looking for it. 

Plus, you won’t pay any kinds of fees to the platform if you use their standard listing option. You will have to handle pickup, delivery, and payment collection totally on your own, however. 

5. Poshmark

If you’re a serious clothes horse, then you should definitely unload what’s in your closet with the help of Poshmark. 

You can sell men’s, women’s, children’s, new, or vintage clothing and accessories. It’s much easier than having to haul all your stuff away to a used clothing store that will try to negotiate with you.

If your item is under $15, Poshmark charges you $2.95 as a commission. For anything over $15, Poshmark takes out 20%.

The good news is that the buyer is totally responsible for shipping costs. 

Check out this post for tips on how to create an awesome listing.

6. Bonanza 

Especially if you have some seriously strange and unique things to sell (things that don’t really fit into any particular category) then Bonanza is your best bet. 

It’s full of quirky shoppers looking for quirky things, especially collectibles. 

It also works with Google to list your items, meaning that they have a much better chance of getting out in front of the right eyes. 

Bonanza selling fees are especially unique. 

You set a maximum commission price that you’re willing to pay, and the site never collects more than that. 

7. AptDeco

If you’re moving houses or apartments and can’t take all of your furniture with you, then AptDeco is the place to list it.

You can place your furniture up for grabs for free on this site, and they certainly help to improve your listing. AptDeco retouches your photos, allows you to fill in details about the piece, and even does its own online research to give the best possible information to shoppers. 

All this, of course, comes with a higher commission than you might like: between 19-29%. 

However, they do take care of delivery, which makes this well worth it to some. 

Which of These Is the Best Platform to Sell Online for You?

We hope this post has helped you to decide which option listed here is the best platform to sell online. 

Who knows? 

You might end up having such good luck that you’re inspired to turn a one-time sale into a full-time business! 

Curious about the best ways to pad your income? Want to know how you can take your online shop to the next level? Interested in learning how to revamp your old furniture so that it looks brand new? 

Our blog is chock-full of creative inspiration. Keep reading our posts to get organization tips and even think about the way you’ll decorate your new place once you move in!

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