Create Lasting Memories: 10 Exciting Things to Do on Vacation with Your Family

Family vacations are an ever-evolving joy that brings different memories as your children age.

Before you know it though, your kids have flown the nest and it’s too late to experience the wonder of watching them enjoy these journeys of discovery. 

Don’t miss out! These are the top ten things to do on vacation before you all go your separate ways.

1. Things to Do on Vacation No Matter What

Some activities are a treat no matter where you roam. Put these items on your list of vacation activities to make the most of any travel experience:

  • Ask the locals where to go
  • Try out public transport
  • Eat traditional foods
  • Browse markets and attend fairs
  • Take lots of photos
  • Collect memoirs of your trip

Although planning your trip plays an important role in getting the most out of your vacation, leave some room for spontaneity too. Now, let’s get on to some of the best vacation activities out there. 

2. Explore Florida’s Theme Parks

Youngsters love a theme park. Taking a trip to Disneyworld is something you have to try at least once despite the crowds. There are also other attractions in Orlando that can fill several days. 

Universal Orlando, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Discovery Cove are great for kids and your inner child will thank you too.

3. Head to Hawaii

Maui is an excellent place to go if you have children of several different ages. From beach activities to guided trips, you’ll never run out of things to keep everyone busy on this island paradise.

See the world’s largest dormant volcano at Haleakala National Park or marvel at the black shores of Waianapnanap State Park. Take a hike among Iao Valley State Park’s lush surroundings, or head for the beaches.

Wailea Beach and Napili Beach are perfect spots for families, and you’ll find no shortage of ocean adventures all over the place.

4. Go on Safari

An African safari isn’t ideal for small children. Most activities have a lower age limit of 6 years.

If you’re going to take a once in a lifetime trip like this you want to be sure they remember every moment. Rather wait until your kids are older than 12 so that they’ll get the most out of it. 

Many safari companies offer a wealth of unforgettable African adventures like walks in the wild, game drives and hot air ballooning trips. The best countries for a family safari are South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Tanzania, and Kenya. 

5. Take a Cruise

For true relaxation, there’s nothing like an all-inclusive cruise. You can relax knowing that your children are being supervised while taking part in age-appropriate organized activities. 

There’s no cooking, driving, or chores to worry about, and probably no cell phone reception. This forces you to take some time out and relax between shows, games, and shore trips.

Most cruise ships have a host of onboard activities like casinos, cinemas, water parks, and organized sports to keep every member of the family happy. 

6. Visit Hobbiton

New Zealand is a fascinating and gorgeous destination in its own right. Hobbiton is a charming addition to your itinerary when you visit there. Whether you’re a fan of Lord of the Rings or not, the magic of this movie set will sweep you along on an imaginative adventure.  

Here, guided tours offer a fascinating journey into the heart of The Shire, pointing out the little details along the way that helped to create these epic movies. Afterward, you can relax with a drink at the cozy Green Dragon Inn or catch a bite to eat at The Shire’s Rest Cafe with its glorious views. 

7. See the Northern Lights

Taking a trip to Iceland to see the northern lights is best enjoyed with older kids who can appreciate the true beauty of this phenomenon.

One of the best ways to enjoy it is on a guided photo tour where you’ll learn more about how to capture these unique moments. You’re also guaranteed to see all the most photogenic spots in the country when you embark on one of these tours.  

8. Ride Camels in Egypt

There’s no better way to admire Egypt’s ancient treasures than from the back of a camel.  This traditional mode of travel is a novel and safe way to get around while exploring desert sites, and it makes for great Insta-moments too. 

There’s no age restriction for camel rides as long as small children ride with their parents. Those who are afraid of heights can opt for a horse ride instead. For added effect, you can head out at sunrise or sunset. 

9. Experience New Year in Sydney

The fireworks display over Sydney Harbor is one of the most iconic New Year’s Eve images in the world. For ringside seats, book a spot at one of the Sydney Botanic Gardens’ annual events. 

Families are welcome to enjoy pre-booked picnic spots as well as a carnival event with plenty to keep children occupied. It’s the best place to catch the midnight action in a secure family environment. 

10. Spend a Night at the Museum

A sleepover at the Smithsonian Museum is an amazing way to get your kids interested in learning about the world around them. During your stay, you’ll get to camp out inside this iconic warehouse of the world’s most fascinating treasures.

There are activities, crafts, and tours for the kids, and you’ll have the whole place to yourselves. That includes the Natural History Museum, the American History Museum, the National Portrait Gallery and the Air and Space Museum’s Udvar-Hazy Center. There’s no better way to beat the crowds. 

More Travel Ideas

This is only a snapshot of the adventures to go on around the world.

Keep reading our travel blog for more fun things to do on vacation, whether you’re traveling as a family, with friends, as a couple, or going solo.

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