Bucket List: 5 Awesome Things to Do After Becoming Sober

First off, if you’ve made the decision to become sober, congratulations. Becoming sober can be┬áthe most difficult thing that a person has to do in their life. This is in part because being sober means staying sober for the long haul.

Relapse is a reality, and you may have even experienced it yourself. By all accounts, though, relapse doesn’t mean you’ve failed. It just means that you should approach sobriety from a different angle.

One idea to consider is the presence of old habits. Old habits can bring up associations with friends you used to use with, drugs you used to use, and feelings you used to have. Finding new things to do can be a saving grace, which is why we’ve compiled a list of great things to do after becoming sober.

Things to Do After Becoming Sober

It can be a challenge to branch out and embrace your new life after you get sober. Changing your habits is an element that is requisite to recover, though, so why not give it all you have? Once the substance is out of your system, it’s time to start filling that void with positive experiences.

1. Frequent Different Establishments

The bar is no longer your hangout spot, so you’ll have to find other places to engage with people. Consider going to coffee shops and becoming a regular. Coffee shops are chock-full of people who are interested in having conversations, developing friendships, and giving support.

You can also start going to more events with the money that you would have otherwise spend on your drug of choice. Things like plays, concerts, and sports events are all great ways to spend time and make good memories.

2. Establish Healthy Routines

It’s estimated that it takes roughly three weeks to establish a routine. That’s not all that long when you think about it, and imagine all of the positive things you could implement into your life. Making positive changes can affect the state of your mind, your relationships, and your life overall.

The main two, though, are diet and exercise. Get into the habit of eating regularly and sticking to good foods. This will exercise your willpower and provide your body with a solid foundation to stay healthy.

Exercising, too, has benefits that extend beyond physical fitness. Working out boosts endorphins and actually makes you feel calmer and happier. Overall, this will be a great time to organize your life and set yourself up for success.

3. Take a Trip

Consider road tripping across the country with a sober friend or two. If that doesn’t cut it for you, why not take a trip overseas?

The idea of traveling may not have seemed like a reality while you were using, but what’s holding you back now?

4. Keep in Touch With Sponsors

You may or may not have used a program to get sober. It’s a wise decision to keep in touch with people in whatever program would fit you best. This is because there are levels of sobriety that are challenging even years after a person gets sober.

People in those groups understand those levels and will be there to help you get through them.

5. Work on Relationships

Addiction can ruin a person’s job, family, and social life. Getting sober might be a shock to the system in that healthy relationships are now an option!

Valuing friendships takes on a whole new meaning when you have the ability to fully be with a person without using. Take this opportunity to create connections, express gratitude, and make lasting friendships. Who knows, your new friend could be the one to save you from relapsing.

If you’re in need of support and think you might relapse or have already relapsed, visit this website to find some help.

Stay Informed

Becoming sober is a huge accomplishment. You still have to stay informed about drugs on the market, ways to help others get sober, and how to keep yourself in line, though.

If you’re in need of more information about sobriety, visit our site to learn more.

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