Cleaning with a Conscience: 8 Reasons to Try Green Cleaning Products

Thinking about making the switch to green cleaning products?

Wondering what the benefits of these products are?

While you may be used to using typical commercial cleaning products that are out there, green cleaning products are the better choice for keeping your home looking like new. Using these products in your home can improve the environment and home in more ways than you may realize.

Below are the 8 top reasons you need to try green cleaning products.

1. Your Home Will Be Safer

One of the best things about using green cleaning products is that it will help you have a healthier and safer home.

Products with lots of chemicals can be damaging to your health and the health of your families. Skin rashes, headaches, coughing problems and more can be common when using a lot of commercial cleaning products in your home.

Using clean and safe natural products instead will help your family to avoid coming into contact with these chemicals and will allow you to prevent health problems.

2. You’ll Improve the Environment

Another great thing about using green cleaning products is that you will help to improve the environment.

Typical cleaning products can lead to air pollution in your city as well as in your home. By using natural products instead, you’ll reduce your effect on the environment when cleaning and you’ll ensure you’re not contributing to local pollution.

Remember that one person can make a difference. By adopting better habits and using green products in your home you’ll be doing your part in protecting the environment and preserving it for future generations.

3. You’ll Set a Good Example

When you use green products in your home, you’ll also be setting a good example for your kids.

If you want your children to do their part for the environment when they get older, it’s important that you become a great role model. Using natural cleaning products in your home will allow you to show them by example how to respect the environment and be aware of their impact on it.

By using green cleaning products, your children will learn about the importance of the environment and will start to follow your lead in and out of the home.

4. They Improve Air Quality

Using green cleaning products can also help you to improve that quality of the air in your home. Using green products are a much better alternative to commercial cleaners that contain harmful chemicals.

Commercials products can be problematic because they can release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the air in your home. Having too many VOCs in your home can lead to kidney, liver and central nervous system problems.

Using green products instead will help you ensure your family is breathing well and that they won’t suffer the consequences of poor air quality in the home.

5. You’ll Save Money

Another good reason to use green cleaning products is that they are often less expensive than their alternatives.

Other types of products that contain harmful chemicals in them are usually going to be more expensive. This is because green cleaning will often include using items that you already have in your home that are more affordable than typical cleaning products.

Using items such as vinegar, olive oil, and lemon juice during cleaning can be much more effective than using commercial products and are much cheaper as well. Additionally, green cleaning products such as those from AspenClean can also be an affordable choice as well.

6. You’ll Always Know What You’re Using

Another benefit of using green cleaning supplies is that you’ll simply become more aware and conscious of what you’re doing at all times. You’ll be training yourself to look at what’s in the products you use and you’ll always know exactly what you’re putting into your environment.

Being more aware when cleaning your home will also help you to build awareness in other parts of your life as well. It will help you to also be mindful of what food you’re putting into your body and what other ways you may be affecting the environment during everyday activities.

7. You’ll Reduce Your Use of Antibacterials

Believe it or not, antibacterial soaps can cause big problems in your home.

Antibacterial soaps can help create an immunity towards bacteria in your home and this can cause your home to be less safe for you and your children. Additionally, some antibacterial products also include Triclosan, which can affect the thyroid and hormones.

Natural products, on the other hand, will have less of these antibacterial qualities. Instead, green products will have natural ingredients that won’t risk making things easier for the bacteria that enters your home.

8. Cleaning Will Be Easier

Another benefit of cleaning with green products is that they are easier to use. When cleaning, you’ll only need to have a few simple products for the many different areas in your home.

Simple green cleaning solutions such as vinegar, baking soda, and lemons can be used in many different ways and for many different purposes. By using these products you’ll be able to free up a lot of space and keep things simple.

You’ll no longer need to have multiple products in your closet for multiple uses. This means that you’ll have an easier time keeping track of your products and spending time cleaning your home each week.

Making the Switch to Green Cleaning Products

While it can take some time to learn about green cleaning products and understand exactly how to use them effectively, it’s worth doing. By starting to use green and natural products in your home, you may just start to experience the benefits above for yourself.

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