Vape Cart Issues: 5 Most Common Issues to Have with a Vape Pen

What if your vape pen purchase ended up going up in smoke?

As cool as vapes can be, there are a number of issues that may happen to your device. And only by knowing about these vape cart problems can you start to fix the issues.

Ready to learn more about troubleshooting? Keep reading to learn more about the 5 most common issues to have with a vape pen!

1. No Vapor

The most common issue that vapers experience is that no vapor comes out when they’re using their product. Fortunately, the issue is easy to fix.

Before using the pen, you must attach the battery to the cartridge. However, many people tighten this too much when they are making the attachment.

If you’re not careful, this jams a piece of metal into the battery. Therefore, the vape can’t activate.

To fix this, use a paper clip and pull the metal contact out until it’s in line with the bottom of your cart. This should fix things right up!

2. Clogged Pen

Another common issue is that your vape pen becomes clogged. Fortunately, this is another issue that’s pretty easy to fix.

First, clogging can happen due to many factors. This includes overfilling it or simply going too long between uses.

The best way to fix this is to separate all the vape pieces and clean them individually. There are also some vaping starter kits that come with tools and materials to help you with cleaning.

If you don’t have a kit, all you need are some brushes, swabs, and rubbing alcohol to get started.

3. Pulling Problem

Sometimes, it seems like your vape cartridge isn’t pulling correctly when you use it. Fortunately, this is another quick fix!

First, it’s likely a battery issue. Make sure your batteries are fully charged before using the vape.

The battery may also be too strong. Batteries above 180 MAH can actually overload the vape and cause certain elements to break.

It’s important to fix things right away, especially if vaping is helping you quit smoking.

4. Wrong Battery

There are other battery issues that may occur. The best way to address these is to learn more about things like Ohms Law and Joules Law.

Basically, most battery issues boil down to users who think every battery for every vaping or e-cig device is interchangeable. Alternately, users may tweak battery settings and not know they are doing harm to the device.

Our advice if you have battery issues? Either hit the books or talk to your local vape vendor!

5. Weather Woes

One other element that can cause your vape to not pull or otherwise not work. And that element is…well…the elements!

The vape pen is like any electronic device. If it’s left out in extreme hot or cold temperatures, it may stop working correctly.

The primary “fix” is to get your pen back into room temperature and let it rest overnight. If that doesn’t work, you may need to buy a replacement!

Vape Cart Issues: The Bottom Line

Now you know how to troubleshoot vape cart issues. But do you know how to take your vaping to another level?

At CuriosityHuman, we love to bring you news you can use. Check out our breakdown of 10 vape flavors you need to try right away!

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