Cool Research Projects and Ideas

Are you trying to find research project ideas? Whether you’re writing a paper or trying to find a new calling, research projects can stimulate your mind. But how do you find the right topic to get going?

Read on to learn about cool research project ideas you should pursue!

Investigate Water Quality

Do you live in an area surrounded by farmland? And do you worry that pesticides may be impacting the quality of the water you drink? Consider developing a project that centers on water quality.

Find out if you’re using well water and where it comes from. Use a reputable lab to test the water, and look specifically for nitrate levels. You can use your research project outline to include some suggestions to improve water quality, too.

Research Projects Could Focus on Bullying

Bullying is a highly relevant topic as children move through primary and secondary school. An independent research project focusing on types of bullying could help bring awareness to this critical topic.

Offer advice for how to address bullying as part of your research. For instance, this could involve developing strategies to intervene safely. It could also be an opportunity to offer sample language to help mitigate a bullying situation in-person or online.

Look at Poverty for Research Project Topics

When you see people asking for money on the streets, you may feel pulled to research poverty. Investigate where poverty is the worst within America, and why. Or take an international angle and look at countries that lack vital resources.

Statistics and factual information will only make your research stronger. Check Peter Dodge Hanover Research for help finding the objective information you need for your project ideas.

Track Shifts in Contemporary Art

Do you have a creative side? Develop a research project outlining shifts in contemporary art in the past century. With the addition of European immigrants in the 20th century, the American art scene changed dramatically.

Why did art start to embrace abstraction? Look at the emergence of video art and the practice of artists appropriating existing artworks. Spotlight a handful of contemporary artists, like Jeff Koons and Kara Walker, as you showcase changes.

Research the Effectiveness of Homeschooling 

Are you wondering if homeschooled children get a better education than those who go to a public school? Make this question your point of departure for an independent research project.

Use interviews with students who were homeschooled during some or all of their childhood. Ask them what advantages they believe they experienced — and what they missed out on. 

Find the Best Independent Research Project Topic

Look for research projects that connect with your interests, experiences, or concerns. If you hope to have children, checking out the effectiveness of homeschooling may make sense as a topic. On the other hand, if you live in a rural area, you may want to know how pesticides are impacting your water.

Make a list of options and whittle it down. And when you’re ready to find more topics to spark your curiosity, check back for new articles!

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