All In: The Best High Roller Games for Aspiring Whales

Did you know that one of the biggest jackpots collected was $39 million on a Megabucks slots machine in Las Vegas’s Excalibur Casino? This amount is enough for anyone to jump into gambling!

But in most cases, you’ve got to bet big to win big.

Do you have what it takes to hit those huge jackpots? Then you’ll want to look into high roller games.

If you’re interested, then keep reading. We’ll show you all the best ones to play!


As we’ve pointed out above, there’s a very good chance for you to hit a huge jackpot on slot machines. But it’s very rare that you’ll hit them on penny and nickel slots.

Instead, you’ll want to go for high roller slot games. The more you put in each spin, the more lines you’re betting on.

In fact, you should play the maximum bet. In this case, you’ll get higher multiples, as well as any progressive jackpots as well. 

And needless to say, the high roller slot games will have higher wagers, which will pay off in significantly higher jackpots when you do win!

However, the one downside to slots is it’s a completely luck-based game. So the house edge is higher and you’re completely at the mercy of Lady Luck if that’s what you’re into!


Sometime in your past, you must’ve played blackjack at least once or a few times. It’s a very simple table game where you have to get the total of your cards as close to 21 as possible. If you go over, then it’s a bust and you lose your bet.

Of course, you can go with simple strategies where you solely focus on getting your hand to 21 (or as close as you possibly can). But if you’re a more experienced player, you can always go for split hands and other more complicated strategies.

In any case, blackjack is one of the best high roller casino games to play. This game has one of the lowest house edges and the odds are in your favor at 49%. And if you like to exercise your brain while gambling, blackjack is a great one for it!


Poker is a very popular casino game and you’ll see lots of high rollers play this game. This is because it’s a game that involves a fair deal of skill, which people train for.

In most cases, you’ll see Texas Hold ‘Em being played. In any case, any poker high roller cash game can be thrilling.

Not only is there a lot of money involved and to be won, but you also have to employ wit and deception. If you aren’t able to bluff successfully, you can bet that other players will instantly sniff you out and beat you easily.


Baccarat is yet another card game you can play at a casino. There are 3 outcomes for every game: player, banker, and tie. 

You’d expect the game to be similar to blackjack in that there’s lots of skill involved, but it’s pretty much luck-based. You just have to know what to bet on.

To be on the safe side, you should bet with the banker. This is because the bank hand always has a house edge of just around 1%. Player bets are also around 1%, plus you don’t have to pay a 5% commission as you would with the banker.

Never bet on ties because the house advantage there is around 14%. It does have the highest payout, but the house edge makes it not worth it at all.

To make things more fun and more like you’re in a land-based casino, think about gambling on live dealer baccarat games. These involve live dealers who livestream in front of a webcam and they’re dressed for the occasion, with a backdrop that makes you feel like you’re in a casino.

If live dealer baccarat sounds like your cup of tea, then you’ll be glad to know that there are other live dealer games like blackjack and poker!


Here’s another casino game that’s based on luck if you’re into that. When you think of high rollers, roulette is probably the first game you think of. There’s the classy roulette wheel, men in tuxes, and the elegant women who hang around them, just to wish them luck.

If you’ve always wanted to look and feel like a high roller, place a bet or two on roulette. You can keep it simple by just better on red/white or odd/even. Or you can up the ante and bet on a specific number and color. 

Whatever bet you put on, there’s the chance to go all-in with your wager. To be a high roller, go way above the minimum bet. Or you can seek out specific high roller roulette tables so you’re playing along with other people who want to wager large sums of cash.

Do be aware that not only is roulette a luck-based game, but it also comes with a high house edge of just above 5%.

Give These High Roller Games a Try

These high roller games might seem very similar to the regular casino games you can play either in a land-based casino or online one. But the major differences are how much you put down and what strategies you employ.

With enough research and experience, you’ll be well on your way to becoming part of the high rollers club at any casino. So put your money where you mouth is and get started on hitting those life-changing jackpots!

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