Country Coziness: 5 Tips to Master a Rustic Design in Your Home

Did you know that adopting a simpler lifestyle can revolutionize your physical and mental health?

One of the best places to start making these changes is in your living space. If you want an interior design that is cozy and charming, then going rustic could be your greatest look yet. Not only will this style help you feel more relaxed, but the simple, earthy designs can help you feel more connected to nature.

Want to know how to transform your home? Keep reading for 5 rustic design tips.

1. Use the Right Materials for a Rustic Style 

Rustic is another term for country charm. If you want to bring more warmth into your living space, you should look for decor made of wood, stone, or brick.

If you’re interested in a modern twist, there are various types of stones that can add a sleek elegance to the room. For a more classic rustic vibe, you can’t go wrong with hardwood floors and a brick fireplace.

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2. Rustic Decor Looks Old

Aside from using natural materials, rustic style also looks like it’s been loved for many years. Antique furniture can make a beautiful addition to any home, but some interior designs shun anything that’s scratched, chipped, or worn down.

The good news about rustic design is that everything is laid back. In fact, if your furniture is a bit scuffed up, it adds even more charm to the overall look. Rustic styles are great for low-maintenance people who see the beauty in homes that are well-lived in and cozy.

3. Use Earth Tones in Your Rustic Design

Color has a big influence on your mood. Since rustic prioritizes comfort, the typical colors schemes are dark, rich, and soothing. Browns, dark reds, greens, and neutral tones like beige are warm and inviting.

Even though vibrant, light colors don’t match the rustic theme, that doesn’t mean your house should feel drab. The best way to liven up the living space is to make sure you incorporate enough neutral colors for a nice contrast.

If your home doesn’t have a lot of windows that let natural light in, make sure you have enough light fixtures to keep the space cheery.

4. Rustic Decorating Brings the Outdoors Inside

Another fun way to make your house feel more rustic is to use a lot of natural decorations. Wreaths, plants, and artwork depicting nature can do just the trick.

In a rustic living room, figurines of animals or other pastoral depictions would look great on an antique table or on the fireplace mantle. If you’re a hunter, you could also display antlers on the wall or have a rug made out of cowhide.

5. Rustic Is All About Comfort and Warmth

Other popular rustic decorations include inviting signs like “Home is where the heart is” or ” Welcome home”. Every time you see these messages, you should feel like you belong.

Rustic homes are comfortable and humble. Once you embrace the rustic style, you’ll never want to leave the house again.

Want More Helpful Design Tips?

Now that you’ve mastered the art of rustic design, you can make your house feel like home.

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