Cruising on Easy Street: 5 Cruise Tips to Save You Money and Stress

Looking for money-saving cruise tips? 

Being on a cruise line is like being in a small city in the middle of the ocean. You have everything you could possibly want and need. Pools, restaurants, activities, and entertainment are just some of what you’ll find on a cruise.

You’ll also get to explore amazing locations during your excursion, too.

The one caveat to a cruise is that the costs can add up quickly. The average person spends $1,000 in addition to the price of the fare. 

Read on to learn how you can save money on your next cruise.

1. Avoid the Booze Bill

If there’s one thing for sure, your bar bill can add up quickly. You want to have a balance between enjoying yourself and being within budget.

2. Book at the Right Time (And Shop Around)

The best time to travel when the kids are in school. You’ll find that there are two reasons for this. The first is that the prices are better. The second is that you won’t have to deal with screaming children during your vacation.

Start by checking prices online and seeing what destinations are offered. For example, this site has Cunard Cruises leaving from Southampton.

Also, call up a local travel agent before you book. They can often find prices that are much better than what you’re able to find online.

3. Have a List and Pack Everything You Need

You really don’t want to have to buy toiletries on board the ship because that gets really expensive.

You’ll want to have an extensive list as to what you need and double check it as you pack.

4. Do the Math

When you book a cruise you’re going to see offers for upgrades, drink packages and the like. While these may seem like great deals, you’ll need to break down the math and decide for yourself.

Check out the cost per day for the upgrade vs. your standard fare. For the drink package, if you bring your own wine on board and don’t drink much, it may not be worth it.

5. Gamble Wisely

You’re stuck on a ship, a little bored and maybe you had a few drinks. This is the time NOT TO GO TO THE CASINO!

People love to get you to spend money after you had a few drinks, that’s for sure. You’ll see that at various events on the ship. You might get a free drink or two, and then you’re encouraged to bid on something or go to the casino.

Don’t do it. Your guard is down, and you’re feeling fine. That’s when you’re more inclined to open up your wallet.

Top Cruise Tips to Save Money

Saving money on a cruise ship can be difficult. You’re surrounded by so many temptations and you want to enjoy yourself.

With these cruise tips, you can easily save money and have a stress-free cruise.

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