Stay in Style: 2019 Men’s Watch Trends

The wristwatch is a timeless, practical accessory. We all have memories of our first watch or the ones our parents wore. But are those memories ancient history now?

No one will question whether mobile phones have essentially replaced these timepieces. It’s rare to see someone wearing a watch these days. But for those men who want to dress sharp, the right watch could add an extra touch of class.

Stay in style and follow some of these 2019 men’s watch trends. You just might find the style that fits you best.

Who Sets Watch Trends?

To get an understanding of how watch trends launch, it’s important to know about the watch industry’s two international trade show venues that unveil the latest styles. The Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie or SIHH is held every January. The Baselworld Watch and Jewelry show is held in the spring.

Both of these events take place in Basel Switzerland, birthplace of this historic accessory. Baselworld is open to the public. SIHH attendance is limited to jewelers, designers, and industry representatives.

The Baselworld trade show was first established in 1917. These first shows were trade fairs for jewelry, clocks, and watches. Many believe that the Baselworld fair revolutionized the wristwatch market.

The SIHH international trade show was first organized in 1991. This week-long event established an exclusive gathering for industry leaders in luxury watchmaking. Representatives from the biggest watch brands attend forums and discuss the latest industry topics.

Watch Trends for 2019

If you’re looking to add polish to your wardrobe or try a new style, here are some of the latest trends to tap into.

Vintage/Retro Styles; What’s Old is New

Historically inspired designs still sets the pace for watch trends. Archives are now a great resource for new style trends.

Some of these inspiring vintage styles include classic military-inspired designs. Another design icon that never went out of style is the chronograph model that looks like a stopwatch.

These nostalgic styles are a great conversation piece when matched with a classic Cartier strap. They’re also the perfect match for a casual men’s fall fashion outfit

Smaller Size is the Right Size

Smaller watch sizes (between 33 and 36 millimeters) are also a latest watch trend. Most of today’s best watches for men range between 40 and 42 millimeters.

These styles stand in stark contrast to the bulky sports watches that were so popular in the late 1900’s-early 2000’s. Some believe these bulky sports watches are now showy and bought just to display wealth.

Smaller sized watches are also trending in popularity because they’re only needed for one thing – to tell time. Our smartphones can do the heavy lifting for other practical tasks such as calendaring. Smaller size watches can now concentrate on being the decorative accent it was meant to be.

Change to Cloth Straps

Cloth straps are an easy option to customize your watch and give you plenty of colors and designs to choose from. They also make it easy to give your timepiece a little more personality.

You can also use a cloth strap combined with a vintage retro watch. Aim for a military style or retro-hippie look. Cloth straps make the job easy.

Blue is Still Cool

Blue dial watches are still an essential accessory. You’ll find them in every hue there it is, whether it’s a deep navy or bright royal blue. These timepieces are smooth and masculine.

Blue dial watches are also adaptable. They’re sophisticated enough to compliment a suit. They can also match your favorite pair of weekend jeans.

Give Green a Chance

Blue watch dials may have been an established standard for the last five years. These faces were a welcomed favorite to the traditional black or white watch dial that was created in 1923. But they aren’t the only game in town anymore.

Green or salmon watch faces are now a popular alternative. These bolder color choices give men a chance to stand out. Or if you can’t decide on a new dial color, try no color at all! (keep reading…)

Skeleton (Dials) Out of the Closet

A skeleton watch has no dial at all. You can see all of the inner, moving parts through the front or back of the watch. The exposed mechanisms allow you to enjoy the craftsmanship that goes into designing a watch.

Skeleton watches call for the right balance between exposing the inner mechanics while still legible enough to read the time. Some models also have a transparent case back that lets light shine through. This accentuates the exposed “skeleton” form even more.

Thin is (Still) In

Over the years, ultra-thin watches are now an expectation and no longer just a trend. Ultra-thin is defined as anything that’s around 3 mm high. Their slim surface design is another protest to the flashy sports watches from the 90’s.

These thinner styles are also a testimony to the advances in watchmaking. Extra-flat watches are technically challenging to make. That’s why more and more companies are racing to design these sleek instruments to showcase their talents.

Next Steps

Feel like you’re ready to change up this classic accessory? Head over to the SIHH website to read more on defining watch trends. Visit your local jeweler and try on a salmon colored dial to see if it matches your style.

Don’t forget to check out our website for other helpful information on luxury men’s watch brands. We’re here to help you become that “sharp dressed man” you’ve always wanted to be!

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