Finding the Other Side: 5 Essential Ghost-Hunting Tools

According to a recent survey, about 40% of Americans say that they believe in ghosts. Additionally, about 20% of people say that they’ve seen a ghost before.

If you’ve already seen signs of ghosts, you might not necessarily need to get your hands on any ghost-hunting tools. But if you’re still hunting ghosts in the hopes of seeing one, you’ll want to obtain the best ghost hunting tools possible.

Here are five types of ghost hunting tools that you should have handy if your goal is to see ghosts sometime soon.

1. Flashlight

You’re going to want to hunt for ghosts when it’s dark outside. As a result, you’ll need to have a flashlight packed so that you can see.

You might not want to keep a flashlight turned on all the time since it could scare ghosts off. But it wouldn’t hurt to have one in your back pocket so that you’re able to get from point A to point B in the dark safely.

2. Notebook

If you suspect that you see a ghost or even just signs of a ghost, you’re going to get very excited. Things might get so exciting that you could forget about where you were when you saw a ghost.

It’s why you should bring a notebook with you when you’re hunting ghosts. It’ll enable you to take notes so that you don’t overlook anything that happens on your ghost-hunting adventures.

3. Smartphone

Of all the ghost-hunting tools on this list, your smartphone will, not surprisingly, be the most important one. You’re going to want to use your phone for all kinds of things when you’re hunting ghosts.

You can use the GPS feature on your smartphone to keep tabs on where you’re going. You can also use the camera on your smartphone to take photos and/or videos of any ghosts that you come across.

4. Apps

If you’re going to bring your smartphone along while hunting ghosts, why not load it up with apps that you can use to make your search a success? There are lots of apps that are designed to help those going after ghosts.

Visit to discover more about some of these ghost-hunting apps.

5. Two-Way Radios

Ideally, you should go ghost hunting with at least one other person. It’ll help you to cover a lot more ground.

You can stay in constant communication with those who go ghost hunting with you by packing two-way radios. It’ll guarantee that you don’t miss out on anything that someone else in your party might see.

These Ghost-Hunting Tools Might Help You Spot Ghosts

Finding ghosts can be very challenging. You’re going to have to spend a ton of time looking around for them.

But the ghost-hunting tools listed here will make it slightly easier for you to find ghosts. They’ll also make all of your ghost-hunting adventures even more fun than they would be otherwise.

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