What Are the Most Common Types of Dildos?

Let’s set the scene: You come home from a long day, ready to take a private moment and relax after the stress of sitting in your cubicle all day. And one of the best stress relievers known to many adults is self pleasure, especially using a toy.

A sex toy to be exact, also known as a sometimes embarrassing but brilliant object that makes sex a lot more fun. Without a doubt, the most well-known sex toy is the dildo, and for great reason.

They’re versatile, usually easy to clean, and they’re easy to travel with for a night of fun across town or state lines. But you might be surprised at some of the many types of dildos, so keep reading to find out which might knock your socks off. 


These are the dildos you might be most accustomed to that most closely simulate the visuals of a penis. They come in a variety of sizes in both length and girth and can vary in terms of how ‘natural’ they look. 

Realistic dildos may have testicles, veins, and other prominent features. If you’re looking for a classic dildo experience, a realistic dildo is the one for you.  


It’s not for everyone, but if you’re a fan of cum or cum-like substances, a squirting dildo can enhance your sexual experiences. These often have an empty center with a pump and a hose or line through it so when the pump is squeezed, the toy simulates ejaculation. Others are designed with a reservoir at the top to hold lube that, when squeezed, can ejaculate.

Just like realistic dildos, these may or may not have testicles or otherwise look similar to a biological penis. For some extra fun, try using cum lube as it’s similar in appearance to real semen, which can complete the visual aspect for some people. 

Vibrating Types of Dildos

The second most common sex toy is the vibrator, but nothing beats a two-in-one deal. Ideal for both solo and partner play, vibrating dildos can add more excitement to your foreplay or throughout your entire session.

Like the Pegasus from Pleasure Chest, most have options for increasing the power, and some have preset patterns of vibration or the option to set your own. To get really fancy, you could opt for a Bluetooth-enabled vibrating dildo so that even when you’re not in the same room or can’t physically touch the person, you can still have some fun.  

Harness Compatible/Strap-on

For individuals who don’t have penises, or those who want to add another to their original equipment, a strap-on harness can be a way to experience new sexual heights. The bases are flared, so they’re compatible with an O-ring, which keeps the dildo in place. Buying a dildo like this can be part of a package deal with a harness, which means they’re ready to go out of the box, after cleaning it, of course. 

Double Headed

Double-headed dildos are often used to penetrate two people at once and can provide an exciting new element to sex. Both people are giving and receiving, so you’ll need to work together to find a rhythm and the right position, which can make this especially intimate. Some may have vibrating capabilities, and many are designed to give users external stimulation as well. 

Get a Dildo and Get Some Privacy

Using a dildo can be a fantastic way to spice things up in the bedroom for both individual and partnered pleasure. If any of these types of dildos suit your fancy, there’s no shame in heading to your local sex shop or online to a reputable seller and getting the safe sex toy that’s right for you.

If you’re tantalized or even a bit scandalized, check out more of our articles on sexual health and wellness. 


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