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Freelance Working 101: 8 Important Home Office Essentials for Freelancers

Working from home has its challenges, especially when you’re surrounded by distractions.

In 2017, 43% of Americans said they worked remotely for at least part of the year, so remote workers need to find out how to stay productive.

Here are the home office essentials you should into your work life to make your work life as fast and productive as possible.

8 Home Office Essentials You Need Today

Studies are showing that remote workers are more productive and have better morale for their work. If you are starting your own remote working endeavor, here is what you will need to prove those studies right.

1. Dedicated  Work Space

One of the challenges that remote workers face is the inability to disconnect from work. Most employees can go home, change out of their work clothes, and sit back and relax.

Unfortunately, for many people working from home, it is much harder when they ditch the laptop and are still in the same space.

Working from your bedroom can make you a little stir crazy, so try to find a space that is adequate for the supplies you need, and stick to that during work hours.

2. Get A Receptionist

Being distracted by phone calls all day can ruin your productivity. If somebody is answering the phones for you, it eliminates that distraction.

Luckily, that doesn’t mean you have to hire a new employee. Services like Receivr offer remote plans for remote workers for answering your phone calls.

3. A Second Monitor

This can go a long way for productivity. Having too many tabs and windows open on one screen can be stressful. Pushing certain windows over to a different monitor for later can be helpful.

4. Music

This can be a distraction if abused, but music helps with productivity if used at the right volume. If you enjoy instrumental music, try it out. Pro tip: headbangers won’t help you work.

5. Notes

The good old sticky notes on the monitor or a pen and pad can go a long way. Keeping alarms and apps on your phone is great when you’re out, but having them in front of you in the office is very helpful.

6. A Comfortable Chair

Definitely take the time and money to invest in a comfortable place to sit. Laying on a couch all day or sitting in a slouched position will do a number on your back. Get a comfortable chair that works for your body type, and don’t forget to stretch every now and then.

Check out some ergonomic tips for a comfier workday to learn more.

7. Surge Protector

This is a quick and cheap investment that should be made right away. You want to be able to keep everything you need plugged in and charged.

8. A Second Option

Working from home has its perks, but when you are stuck in isolation all day, it can take a toll on you. Find a couple of public places that have wifi where you can get some work done. A local coffee shop, a sandwich restaurant, or wherever you will feel comfortable and productive.

Next Steps

Now that you know the home office essentials, there is no time like the present to get started.

These tips and supplies will keep you productive throughout the workday, so get what you need and see the results.

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