Grab Your Bros and Go: 4 of the Best Guys Trips Ever

Whether you’re planning a bachelor party, a fraternity trip or just an excuse to get out of town, there are some go-to areas for your man trip. 

Choosing the best guys trips will dictate the level and type of fun that you end up having. 

With this in mind, there are a few key areas you should consider. Plan out your trip and keep these potential locations at the forefront of your mind. 

1. Las Vegas

If you’re planning a trip with your boys, you can never go wrong with Vegas. 

Vegas is also home to some of the hottest events — from big boxing and UFC fights and comedy shows to the AVN porn awards and festivals. They’ll also be home to the Raiders in the coming years, so football weekends can offer a reason to book a flight. 

Sin City has a mystique, from its mob beginnings to the extreme weather. 

The desert has a particular aallurethat draws people in. In the same way that many companies offer Grand Canyon tours in Las Vegas, companies like offer tours in San Antonio that let you see the animals and wildlife. 

Of course, there’s no shortage of gambling, strip clubs, buffets, and drinking on the strip, so you can always have whatever night you want to have. This is a city you can have fun in no matter your budget, so be sure that you plan it out in advance. 

2. New Orleans

New Orleans is a city all its own, with rich culture and history. 

Bourbon Street is world renowned, and New Orleans is home to some of the best music, food, and festivities. Of course, there’s always a level of debauchery to be enjoyed if that’s your bag. 

You can drink on the street and party the night away every night of the week. 

3. Los Angeles

It’s always sunny in the city of angels. 

Whether you want to check out live sports, concerts, comedy or nightclubs, Los Angeles is where it’s at. Hollywood is home to glitz and glamour, and the city is filled with sights and attractions to explore. 

If you and your boys are cannabis enthusiasts, there are also several events that you can hit in SoCal. 

4. Miami

If your group is trying to party, Miami is it. 

Miami is a world-renowned party city. The clubs virtually never close, South Beach is always a hit, and some of the most gorgeous women in the world congregate here to party the night away. 

It’s easy to book a trip to Miami and you’ll be able to enjoy fun and food both day and night. 

Plan Out the Best Guys Trips

You have a lot of options when you’re planning out the best guys trips. 

When you consider these four cities, you’ll be able to book a trip that is a crowd pleaser. The trip will bring you all closer together as you look to have the time of your lives. 

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