Grow Closer: 10 Fun Family Vacation Ideas to Bring Everyone Together

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In 2019, it’s anticipated that approximately 100 million Americans are going to go on a family vacation.

Is it time for you to plan your annual vacation? Are you having a hard time finding a place that you and your children will enjoy?

Figuring out the ideal location or type of vacation for a family trip can be tricky. If you’re not sure what to do, keep reading.

Listed below are ten family vacation ideas you ought to consider for your next big trip.

1. Disney Experience

For kids of all ages, a trip to a Disney park is always an experience to remember.

If you’re located close to the West Coast, a trip to Disneyland is sure to get your kids excited. Disney World, on the other hand, is a great option for those who live closer to the Florida park.

Whichever option you choose, there are tons of fun rides and activities available in and around the parks. Your kids will have the time of their lives.

2. Beach Vacation

You can’t go wrong with a beach vacation. No matter how old your kids are, they’ll have fun running around (or lounging around) on the sand and playing in the surf. 

No matter where you live, there’s a beach vacation option for you. There are the warm, sunny beaches of the East and West Coasts, but there are also plenty of lakeside beaches for those who don’t have easy access to either side of the country.  

3. National Park

The U.S. is full of stunning national parks that give you and your kids an opportunity to take in the country’s natural beauty.

The U.S.’s national park system is something to be celebrated, and taking your kids to visit one (or more) of the parks in your area is the perfect way to explore and enjoy the great outdoors.

Whether you want to hike, camp, or just take a day trip to one of the parks, there are lots of affordable options for every family to consider.

4. Road Trip

Why visit one destination when you can see the whole country (or at least a big chunk of it)? If you can’t settle on one destination for your family vacation, consider piling into a van or RV and hitting the road to see as many as you can.

Road trips are a good option when you want to take a break from the screens, reconnect with your loved ones, and see more of the world around you. They’re also a very budget-friendly type of vacation.

5. Big City Exploration

If you spend more of your time in the country or the suburbs, why not enjoy a change of pace with a trip to the big city.

A big city tour will give your kids a chance to experience a different part of the country and expose them to a variety of cultures and incredible sites.

Consider taking a trip to a major city like New York, Boston, Philadelphia, or San Francisco. There are tons of tours and attractions in these cities for people of all ages.

6. Train Trip

Yes, you can still travel by train in 2019! A train trip is a fun and relaxing way for you and your family to see more of the country without having to make the drive yourselves.

You’ll get to kick back, look out the windows, and watch country zip by.

Train trips can also be educational and will give your kids a chance to learn more about different parts of the country and their history.

7. Safari

If you and your family are animal lovers, an African safari is an incredible option that allows you to see a variety of stunning creatures in their natural habitat.

On an African safari, you’ll also get to experience a different culture, learn about life abroad, and take part in tons of fun and educational activities. This would truly be the trip of a lifetime for yourself and your children.

8. Bike Tours

For families that like to be active on vacation, consider a destination that offers some fun bike tours.

There are several European locations (including Belgium and Tuscany) that offer incredible bike tours that allow you to see way more of the country than you’d be able to on foot and burn some calories in the process.

9. Family Cruise

If your family isn’t afraid of the water and wants to enjoy an all-inclusive vacation, you can’t go wrong with a family cruise.

There are lots of family-friendly cruise ships that offer activities that are centered around helping children (and their parents) to have a good time. There are even Disney-themed cruises for you to consider!

Even if you’re a little nervous about the idea of spending a few days on the water, it’s definitely worth it to do some research and see more about some upcoming cruises. It’ll be an experience your kids will never forget.

10. Dude Ranch Visit

For families who have a love of the wild West, a visit to a dude ranch is the perfect way to celebrate the end of summer. There are tons of dude ranches for you and your family to visit in places like Montana, Arizona, and Colorado.

You’ll get a chance to ride horses, shoot bows and arrows, and spend lots of time outdoors. It’ll be a wonderful break from modern life and will give you and your family a chance to reconnect without technology getting in the way.

Consider These Family Vacation Ideas Today

Have you been stumped about where to take your family to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of the school year?

If so, be sure to take these ten family vacation ideas into consideration. All of them are great options to consider and there’s something for everyone, no matter what your preferences and budget.

Do you want some more travel inspiration? Visit the Travel section of our site today for more fun ideas for the whole family.

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