Gun Safety Rules: How to Safely Use a Gun

Did you know that accidental gunshot deaths from children handling a gun rose 31% during the COVID-19 pandemic? More and more people use guns as a safety tool. As more folks own guns, more accidents will unfortunately occur.

Are you learning how to use a gun? If you are, make sure you know all about gun safety rules! Read on below on how to safely operate a firearm!

Gun Safety Rules: Always Treat the Gun as Loaded

The first golden rule that you need to know is to always treat your gun as loaded, whether it is or not. Doing so will ensure that you carefully handle it and that no accidents occur.

Sometimes you might think the gun has no bullets, but one round might still be in the chamber.

Always Keep the Gun Unloaded

This golden rule goes without saying. When a gun isn’t in use and you are finished for the day, safely unload the weapon, even the round left in the chamber, then your weapon is ready to be safely put away.

Even if the intention is to be holding a gun, accidents happen, and you want to say you did everything you could when it came to the ammunition.

Always Keep Your Finger Off the Trigger

While you are in the gun range or an outside shooting range, always keep your finger away from the trigger until you are ready to fire.

A few gun triggers can be very sensitive, and even the slightest pressure can set it off. A gun like a 450 bushmaster revolver is one such gun.

Don’t Rely on Guns Safety

There is a common misconception that if you have the gun’s safety on, then everything will be okay.

A safety switch can fail and has before. If your safety is on, it doesn’t mean you can disregard the other safety rules as the gun can still fire accidentally.

Gun Storage

An unloaded weapon should always be in a safe or a metal box with a key-coded entry, and this is non-negotiable when it comes to safe practices for firearms.

Only people who’ve received gun safety training should know the codes. The people with the codes should be confident with a weapon in their hands.

Use Correct Ammunition

Bullets don’t come cheap, and many people have tried to cut corners and go for more affordable, usually illegal ammunition. Improperly made shells can explode in the chamber and cause injury to the user. Correct ammunition type and good quality ammunition should never be compromised.

Guns Are Safe in the Right Hands

A loaded gun in the wrong hands can cause lots of damage, but a loaded gun in the right-hand won’t cause any damage at all. Following these few simple guidelines can help you prevent severe injury and death to you or a loved one.

Remember, gun safety rules are vital for responsible gun ownership.

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