Home Security to the Test: Top Reviews of the ADT Pulse Home Security System

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A security system can make your house feel a lot safer and cozier. But as more and more smart home technology comes onto the market, security systems are starting to become the hub of home control. You can manage every device in your home all in one place, and choosing the right system is important.

The ADT Pulse system is one of the top home security options on the market today. It has powerful home monitoring tools, as well as third-party integration power. Read on to find out what tech reviewers are saying about the ADT Pulse system.

How It Works

ADT Pulse works off a central hub that can control everything in your home from your alarm system and your door locks to your thermostat and your kitchen appliances. It has a mobile alarm enabling capability that means you won’t have to set the system and then channel Usain Bolt when running to the door. You can also disarm the system remotely if the dog walker is coming over and you don’t want to have to spend half an hour training them to use the system.

The central hub works off the cellular network and has a backup battery. So when someone hits a telephone pole and you lose power, you won’t be scrambling around trying to find a generator while your alarm system screams at you. And if the alarm does go off accidentally, the system is Alexa-enabled, so you can just holler at her to turn off the alarm system.

About the Cost

We believe you get what you pay for, and that holds true with the ADT Pulse. It’s true, the Pulse is one of the more expensive security systems on the market. Depending on what tier you choose for your installation, you may be looking at an up-front installation cost of $500 up to $1,500 or more.

Once you’ve paid the up-front costs, then you’ll sign a three-year contract with ADT for about $60 a month. You won’t be able to pull out of the contract early without paying 75 percent of your remaining contract fees. But you get a high-quality security system for the price, so it comes down to a question of how much your security is worth.


There are a number of components that come with the ADT Pulse system. In addition to the core equipment, you can also add a number of other pieces to custom-fit a system to your needs. Keep in mind, if you’re wanting to keep the price down, adding more equipment drives up the cost.

The basic equipment you’ll get with any installation are the control panel, some door and window sensors, and a motion detector. You can also get a variety of other components, including door locks, light switches, and video cameras. And this is to say nothing of the third-party components that are compatible with ADT’s system.

Third-Party Components

The ADT Pulse system will work with a variety of other smart home devices, which is great for making your life as automated and easy as possible. For one thing, you can have a Ring doorbell as part of your system. You will have to have the separate Ring app, but you will get installation and service on the doorbell as part of your contract.

The bigger advantage is that you can incorporate a Nest thermostat into your ADT system. Smart thermostats like Nest’s let you control the temperature of your home from anywhere, and it learns your schedule to keep you comfortable and help you save energy. You can control your thermostat through the Pulse app, as well as the Nest app.

The App

On the subject of the Pulse app, it is the centerpiece of your home control system. It is available on Android and iOS, and it lets you monitor your system day-to-day. You can activate or deactivate alarms from the app, which means you don’t have to panic if you get to work and realize you forgot to set the alarm.

If an alarm does get set off, the ADT app will send you a push alert. You’ll also get a blueprint map of your house with devices color coded in their locations on the map. You can click on any of the devices to see their status or to access live video from any cameras you may have.

Customer Support

ADT’s customer support gets stellar reviews, and customers say they are always on the ball. Even if they have to send a repair technician out to resolve a problem, they will give you a way to bypass the issue in the meantime, especially if you have an alarm going off. Reviewers say they are competent and polite when you call.

The slight downside is you might be calling more often than you might like. Electronics get in bad moods sometimes, and you may have to troubleshoot things like arming your system (read more here). The more complex your system is, the better friends you’ll get to be with the ADT customer support.

Learn More About ADT Pulse

If you’re looking for a solid home security system, the ADT Pulse can be a great choice for you. Whether you just want a basic monitoring system and alarm or a full-scale smart home control hub, ADT has you covered. It is one of the more expensive systems out there, but we think your security is worth the extra cost.

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