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How Much Does a Business Phone System Cost on Average?

Are you tired of your clients not taking you serious? Have you lost business because of bad phone service?

Trying to juggle business and personal on one phone can cause headaches!

You need a business phone system.

Clients need a dedicated line they can reach you on. A line that can do it all: talk, text, and fax. For Pete’s sake, man! It’s 2020! 

Read on, and by the end of this article we’ll have you all sorted out.

Where Do I Begin?

These days there are so many business phone systems and plans it could make your head spin.

What features are you going to need and what size is your company? Those are 2 of the most important questions when deciding which phone system fits.

From there you can get an idea of what type of features. You’ll even choose whether you need an actual phone. The beauty of modern technology!

Business Phone System Features

What can you expect from a new business phone system? There is no limit to the amount of features you can include into your system. It can be easy to get carried away.
Here is a list of the basic features you will want:

  • VoIP calling: Making/sending calls over WiFi ensures you get crystal clear service from any location 
  • SMS Messaging: Every business should be able to send/receive text messages   
  • Ability to Add Extensions: As team members come aboard you will want them to have their own phone number to simplify communication with customers 
  • IVR Menu Capability: This is just the technical term for the standard numbered directory that makes your business stand out as organized and professional


“How much will a fancy system like this cost me?” We’re sure that’s what you’re thinking. It’s actually pretty affordable. And the time and money it saves you and your team will make it well worth it.

Most plans have an initial setup fee, a flat rate for service, and then fees for usage added on. That’s something to keep in mind when you start to “talk turkey” with a sales rep.

If you’ve taken into account how big your company is, and how big you’ll want to get in the future, a knowledgeable sales rep will have a solution for you. Systems can get expensive if you start to add handsets and other additional features, which is why it’s important to have an end goal in mind when purchasing your system.

More Answered Calls Means More Business

The real question you have to ask is: how much money are companies without business phone systems losing? The answer could be tens of thousands of dollars depending on your industry.

We know purchasing a phone system may seem like a scary task at first, but after reading this guide you’ll know everything you need to know to purchase the perfect solution for your business needs.

Don’t wait any longer. Give your business the help and professional services it needs to thrive. Contact us today and let us show you how we can help.

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