How to Win at Slots: 5 Pro Tips for Winning at Slots

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One of the biggest slot wins happened last year when a chef in Northern Ireland hit a GBP 4.2 million jackpot.   

There are plenty of these stories of big wins out there. There are also smaller wins that happen every day. 

If you want to become one of them, keep reading to find out how to win at slots.  

1. Understand Paylines 

Every slot game has a set of paylines. Paylines are ways to line up the symbols to win. On old slot games, you’d have between 3-5 reels and line up the same symbol across the middle row. That is an example of one payline.  

On today’s slot games, there are dozens of paylines. You need to study the paylines on each game before you play it. You want to know how many paylines there are because that will impact how much you bet.  

Let’s say that you’re playing a 25 cent slot game. That slot game has 15 different paylines. If you choose to bet on one payline, then your bet is 25 cents.  

Now, if you place a max bet on all 15 paylines, your bet becomes $3.75. You increase your chance of winning, but you’re putting more skin in the game.  

2. Choose the Right Game 

If you really want to win, you need to pick the right game. You want to have the right combination of fun and a high probability to win. 

Take a look at two metrics before you play slot games: RTP and volatility. RTP is a percentage of winnings that players get compared to the amount wagered. 

A game that has $50,000 bet in a day and returned $45,000 to players would have a 90% RTP. You want to find the best RTP slots to play with. 

Volatility measures the likelihood of payouts and the amount. Low volatility means small payouts that happen more frequently.  

3. Work the Bonuses 

The online casino industry is highly competitive. They’ll do anything to get you to start gambling. They can’t give you free drinks or rooms like an in-person casino, but they do give out incentives.  

You can find plenty of casinos that will offer a bonus when you make a deposit. Just look for the casinos that offer a big bonus for a small deposit. You could be able to play on the casino’s dime for quite a while.  

4. Don’t Play with Streaks 

You’re probably aware of slot games that are known for being hot or cold. There is no such thing as a hot game or a cold game. You look at the hard numbers like volatility and RTP to make a decision.  

It’s natural to think that a game is good because no one has one in a while and you’re going to win on your first bet. You better click elsewhere because that’s not likely to happen. You have to remember that every spin is an isolated event and computerized games payout according to the set odds of that game.  

5. It’s All About Fun 

Slot games are entertainment. They’re fun and a great way to pass the time, especially under quarantine. You don’t want to forget that and keep things in perspective. 

How to Win at Slots

Did you learn how to win at slots? It’s not hard as long as you understand paylines, RTP, and volatility. You can then choose a fun game and enjoy winning. 

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