How Much Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cost?

Tablet with the chemical formula of testosterone

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a medical treatment. It is primarily for men to treat their issues with hormonal imbalances. 

Oddly enough, TRT is one of the most prominent procedures for men in general. It’s widespread and available all around the world, even for those who don’t have hormone deficiencies.

In this blog post, we will go over everything you need to know about TRT. This includes testosterone replacement therapy cost. This is so you have a rough idea of the monetary involvement.

So whenever you’re ready to become somewhat of an expert on TRT, keep reading.

What Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Testosterone replacement therapy is a medical treatment used to treat low testosterone levels. It’s not uncommon for men who are contemplating TRT to have questions about the cost of this type of therapy. Not to mention, if it will be covered by their insurance plan.

The term “testosterone” usually brings up images of large muscles, aggression, sex drive. But these things aren’t always guaranteed when taking testosterone because there is no special dosage. Furthermore, each body reacts to hormone supplementation differently.

Some individuals might see an increase in libido while others don’t experience any changes at all. Some may find that they’re more irritable than usual during their first few weeks on testosterone replacement therapy.

This is all before seeing improvements in mood and social interaction.
And that’s not to mention the side effects, which are a reality for some men taking TRT. They can range from acne breakouts to increased hair growth.

But again it seems this is just as variable depending on your own body chemistry. There isn’t any way to know how you’ll respond until you try it out yourself.

History of TRT

The concept of testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT, has been around for a long time. Testosterone is often considered the male sex hormone.

This is because it’s responsible for masculine traits like muscle growth and libido. However, men can have low levels of this hormone throughout their lives in varying degrees.

In 1937, Dr. Eugene Shippen was one of the first to give testosterone injections as part of his treatment plans. He gave it to patients who were experiencing sexual dysfunction related to aging.

He observed that these treatments restored erectile function in most cases within six months. However some continued to experience problems even after 18-24 months on TRT. This led him to believe that there might be other factors at play besides just lowered testosterone levels.

Dr Shippen later developed the “two factor theory”. He hypothesized that while testosterone deficiency can lead to ED, there are other hormonal imbalances at work too.

This is why it’s important for men who’re considering TRT to first talk to their doctor about any underlying conditions. They must share what they might have related to a hormone imbalance before starting treatment.

Testosterone replacement therapy isn’t meant as a long-term solution. It’s an option with fewer side effects than finasteride or dutasteride when treating more severe cases of low T levels.

Some doctors will even prescribe short courses of TRT followed by periods without injections. This is so you don’t develop dependence on them. Though this should occur under medical supervision.

However after a couple months of treatment, you’ll need to continue injections every few weeks or so. This would be to maintain the levels of testosterone.

Who Should Get TRT?

There is no established age at which a man should start taking testosterone. But there are certain health factors to consider.

For example, if you have diabetes associated with low levels of the hormone then it might be worth speaking with your doctor about starting TRT. You should think about future when you’re older and more susceptible to complications like heart disease.

Men over 40 with decreased libido would benefit from considering testosterone replacement therapy. This is because the bodies may not produce enough on its own anymore due to aging effects on natural production rates.

Finally, men diagnosed with hypogonadism should consider it. Hypogonadism is an inability for the testes to contribute healthy amounts of hormones.

Thus, they ill need treatment through one form or another. Either via prescription medication such as clomiphene or testosterone replacement therapy.

The decision to go on TRT is a personal one. But if you have been suffering from sexual problems like low libido or erectile dysfunction due to your low testosterone levels then it may be worth considering this type of treatment before other options are explored.

Other possible reasons someone may be prescribed testosterone replacement therapy include:

  1. Erectile dysfunction caused by age or disease (like prostate cancer)
  2. Low sex drive because of medication side effects like antidepressants or antihistamines and HIV drugs called protease inhibitors
  3. Fatigue due to chronic illness such as congestive heart failure, COPD, diabetes mellitus, obesity, etc

How Is TRT Performed?

The TRT procedure is performed by a specialized medical professional. This means that you will need to see your doctor before starting testosterone replacement therapy.

First and foremost, you’ll be tested for any underlying health conditions that may cause low testosterone levels.

You can have these tests performed by your primary care physician or endocrinologist. Either way it’s important to mention this appointment with the doctor when submitting paperwork. This is to ensure there are no surprises later on down the road.

If everything checks out and if TRT is appropriate treatment for you based on symptoms of hypogonadism, then continued use will involve periodic follow-ups with doctors (every six months) as well as blood tests every three months after beginning therapy. This process helps monitor hormone levels so they can be adjusted accordingly.

Finally, you’ll be prescribed with a topical gel or injection of testosterone. These will need to be applied daily in order for it to take effect and begin working properly. And yes – this is covered by insurance!

The cost of TRT varies per person depending on dosage needs as well as the type of therapy used (injection vs topicals). But generally speaking, the average range is anywhere between $300 – $500 monthly for injections . It can also be about $20-$30 per month for topical treatments.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cost

The cost of TRT is determined by  three main factors: your dose, the type of TRT you’re using (injection vs topical), and whether or not insurance is involved.

Injections will only need to be administered once every two weeks. But it may take longer for results to kick in since the testosterone is being delivered slower than with daily doses.

Additionally, if you qualify for coverage through an employer’s plan, there might be co-pays which are typically between $0 -$75 each time a shot is given. However some companies provide injectable treatments at no charge when prescribed by a physician… so it’s worth checking into that!

The cost of testosterone replacement therapy can be reduced by your doctor prescribing you with a lower dose or frequency. It can be done by decreasing the amount of follow-ups needed.

You may also qualify for coverage through an employer’s plan if they cover injectable treatments at no charge! Furthermore, if you have private insurance, your co-pays for doctor appointments and prescriptions may be lower.

Testosterone Patch

A patch is a great option for men who want to use testosterone replacement therapy but can’t take injections or gels due to sensitive skin.

The cost of the testoterone patch starts at about $125 USD and it’s worn daily. This is in order to absorb the hormone through your skin. It also means that you won’t have any side effects like those from an injection!

The patches are easy-to-use, convenient, and gentle on your body. They still providing enough testosterone into circulation so that you see results quick. Quicker than if using topicals only (where some people might need weeks before seeing benefits).

However they do require more maintenance since there will be times where you’ll need to replace them. You must replace them with new ones when wearing time ends up being too long.

Furthermore, the patches can be a little more costly. This is because you’ll need to purchase them monthly rather than every few months like with injections or gels.

Testosterone Gel

Gels are topical treatments that you apply directly to your skin once daily and this type of therapy is ideal for those who might have an allergy or sensitivity to injections.

The cost of testosterone gel starts at about $275 USD per month.

This may be comparable in price. But it’s important to consider the fact that gels will only need replacing every three months. This is unlike the twice a week like with shots (which would increase frequency).

You should also note that some people find more success with lower doses when using topicals.

They are more succesful then if they were taking injections because it can take time for hormones from these types of therapies to kick-in. That said, if you’re looking for faster results then there’s no better option!

Nasal Testosterone

Nasal testosterone is an alternative to injections and gels for those who want immediate results. The cost of nasal testosterone starts at about $200 USD per month. It should only need replacing every two months instead of weekly like with shots (increasing frequency).

Again, this type of therapy will not be ideal for everyone because the dosage can’t be adjusted as easily if you find that your symptoms worsen or improve over time due to changes in external factors such as diet, exercise, stress levels etcetera…

Furthermore, many people report experiencing some side effects of testosterone from using a nasal spray which may include nosebleeds or difficulty breathing through one nostril. Side effects are more common when the dose increases too quickly rather than gradually increasing each day to reach the desired range.

Injectable Testosterone

Injectable testosterone is the most common form of TRT and it comes in two forms. It’s either a shot given weekly or bi-weekly, or an injection which lasts for three months (depending on dosage).

The average cost of injectable testosterone starts at about $400 USD per month – however, there are prescription plans available that can lower your co-pays.

Also note that injections require more maintenance. This is because you’ll have to visit your doctor every few weeks instead of once monthly like with gels or patches.

However they’re also one of the best ways to see results quickly! And if you only need shots occasionally then this will be even less frequent than those who take them daily… since it’s not advised to give a shot more than once a week.

Some people will find that they’re allergic or sensitive to the type of needle given during an injection, in which case it’s advised not to take this form of testosterone treatment and try something else instead.

TRT Done Right

Hopefully the information in this post will help you to make a more informed decision and choose what’s best for your needs. It may be hard when there are so many options, but with patience and research you should find that which is right for you. Testosterone replacement therapy cost is quite manageable, so don’t get disappointed.

If any of the above treatments seem like they might work well on paper yet still don’t feel right then it could be worth taking a break from TRT until things change or some time passes – while also speaking to your doctor about how these symptoms have been impacting your quality of life (or lack thereof).

In cases where nothing seems to be working as expected, it might even be worth checking out other medical professionals because not all experts agree on everything!

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