How to Choose a Vending Machine

Have you thought about buying a vending machine?

Whether you want to start a business or just have a vending machine at your workplace, you’ll find that choosing vending machines is harder than you think!

So how do you go about choosing the right vending machines? How do you ensure that you choose a high-quality machine?

This guide will show you how to choose vending machines for your business or your workplace.

Let’s start with new versus used vending machines:

New or Used: Which Do You Choose?

If you want to focus on starting a business, you should only choose a used vending machine if you’re on a budget. Otherwise, you’ll always have better quality if you choose a new machine.

If you have to stick to a used vending machine, then you should choose one that’s at least a year old. It’s always best to buy directly from the supplier. This is because the supplier will refurbish and repair a used vending machine before selling it again.

Read Reviews

Regardless of what vending machine types you choose, you should always read reviews beforehand.

For example, you can look at the Healthy You Vending reviews to get an idea of what makes a great vending machine. You want to ensure that you stick to a vending machine that has overwhelmingly positive reviews from the past year.

You should also stick to a vending machine that has at least 100 reviews. If it has fewer reviews, you might wish to wait until the particular vending machine garners more reviews.

Vending Options

The next consideration is what you’ll want to sell from your vending machine. You can choose to own a vending machine solely for snacks and another solely for drinks.

If you can only afford one vending machine at the moment, you want to consider which of these options is more important. Snacks are always needed whereas many consumers might prefer to carry their own drinks.

But sodas and stronger drinks can also fulfill your hunger while quenching your thirst. 

The major disadvantage of snacks is that they can rot and even attract rodents who can break into the vending machine! With beverages, you have to ensure that the cooling system in your vending machine always works.

If the cooling system stops working then you’ll likely lose sales as most consumers won’t want warm drinks. Make sure you ask your consumer base what they’ll want before deciding what vending machine types you should buy.

Choose Your Vending Machine

Now you can choose the right vending machine for your business or workplace.

You want to start by determining whether to choose a new or used vending machine. If you have to choose a used vending machine ensure that you buy it from the supplier.

The next step is to read reviews for a particular vending machine. Only choose vending machines that have a long track record. You also have to conduct research on what vending machine types your consumers will most want.

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