How to Create an IMDB Page (It’s Easier Than You Think)

how to create an imdb page

Have you ever heard of the Internet Movie Database or IMDb?

If you said no, we don’t believe you. Why not?

Because according to their website, they are the host of over 5 million titles and almost 9 million people! And 83 million people are currently registered users of the website.

What does this mean?

It means that if you’re an actor, actress, director, writer, crew member, or anything of the sort, your name should be in their database, too. Contributors to the making of a movie or TV show deserves to be forever immortalized on the popular site.

Luckily for you, learning how to create an IMDb page is simple. Follow these steps to get your name off the big screen and onto the computer screen.

1. Register and Verify

First, you need to become a registered member of IMDb. Let’s start with an example.

Writer and producer James Arthur Ray would need to verify himself before being able to make, add to, or edit a page. This is as easy as registering for any other website.

Confirm your identity by verifying yourself through email.

2. News and Community

Look for the “News & Community” tab at the top of the site.

Under “Community” you should see the link titled Contributor Zone. Click here.

3. How to Add a New Title

Once you’ve come to this page, you’re already halfway done with the process.

Under the headline “Adding data to IMDb,” you’ll see a link titled “How to Add a New Title.” This is where you can add your movie, TV show, documentary, and more.

Fill in all the relevant and accurate information.

Consider yourself one of the reasons IMDb isn’t called the Grandparent Movie Database. Descriptions don’t get much better than “He’s that one in the Grabbed movies?” Be specific, enticing, and honest!

4. Acceptance Guidelines

Before you submit your work, check out the acceptance guidelines.

Before IMDb will post your name or title as a valid source, they’ll put it through a set of guidelines. You can check these yourself first. The more your information complies with their guidelines, the quicker acceptance will be.

5. “Check These Updates”

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a button titled “Check These Updates.”

Once you’re sure you’re done, click this button. This will send everything to the IMDb editors who will review your information.

6. Wait – and Keep Working!

Once you’ve checked your updates, you submit them! Click “Submit These Updates.” Now you wait to hear back from IMDb.

The good news is that with such an established system, acceptance doesn’t take long. Your information can get posted in one to seven days.

Now You Know How to Create an IMDb Page

As you continue to work, make sure to keep checking your page. If no one else puts your name up, it’s your job to get your name out there!

So, learning how to create an IMDb page was as easy as we promised, right? While you’re still thinking about movies, check out the top 10 films of this year!

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