How to Introduce Sex Toys Into the Bedroom

Sex toys in drawer

Do you love sex? We all do!

But as the saying goes, some of the best sex you can have, you have it all alone. One of the biggest advantages of masturbating is getting to play with sex toys. Now just imagine the fun you could have if you brought sex toys into your relationship.

Cock rings, vibrators, and male masturbators can all add a positive dynamic to your relationship. They open up a safe space to talk about kinks and desires.

Read on for everything you need to know about sex toys for couples.

Your Needs and Theirs 

If you think your partner might be offended by the idea of using sex toys, plan the first chat carefully. After all, their needs are just as important as yours.

Aim to create a pleasant and sex-positive dialogue. If you’ve never used sex toys with your partner but would like to, you can start by talking about why that might be. Tell them that you want to try sex toys so they can see what they are–your partner may not be as intimidated as you expect.

Sex toys are no longer just for women. There are lots of sex toys for sale for men that offer pleasurable experiences, too. If you’re unsure which adult playthings will work for your relationship, buying sex toys online at a spot like Pandoras Box Love gives you lots of different options.

Starting a sex toy conversation can feel challenging. Ask politely, and don’t push things too far or too fast. Try to explain that sex tech is changing rapidly, and there’s now a wondrous array of experiences.

Share Your Thoughts

The best way to feel comfortable in conversation is to find common ground in your desires. Start by mind-mapping sexual acts together and consider whether or not you’d both be willing to carry them out. This chat alone can spice up your sex life!

It’s essential not to judge what your partner shares with you. Some people feel insecure about what they want, need, or desire, so try to create a safe space to talk. Chances are, they’ll open up.

If your partner is worried about noisy toys, tell them not to fret–silent sex toys are a thing now!

Have a Trial Run

Sex toys can prolong your time in the bedroom, both alone and together. Now you’ve discussed it, and it’s time to buy sex toys and actually try them out.

Focus on how sex toys can benefit both of you. This emphasizes mutual pleasure and bodily exploration. However, remember to back off immediately if anyone feels uncomfortable.

Playing with sex toys offers a fantastic opportunity to gain insight into a side of your partner that you may not have been aware even existed. Now you can have the kind of sex you both enjoy.

Toys For Couples: A Shared Experience 

The essential thing to bear in mind when researching how to introduce toys for couples into a relationship is that it should be a shared experience.

Have continuous, open, and non-hostile conversations about what works and what doesn’t. Ask yourself what you want from your partner, and keep their desires and needs firmly in mind, too.

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