How to Quiet the Negative Self-Talk That’s Giving You Major Anxiety

More than 39 million adults in the United States suffer from some sort of anxiety. 

Anxiety can become a problem so big that your work and personal life suffer, leaving you hopeless.

Many times, this hopeless feeling leads you to negative thoughts about yourself. You don’t feel that you are enough— but that couldn’t be more wrong! 

Continue reading to discover some of the best techniques for getting rid of intrusive and negative self-talk. 

1. Meditate 

One of the best ways to get rid of negative self-talk is by meditating.

Meditation, when done correctly, can help us control our thoughts and not let our minds race. Having the ability to push these thoughts away can be difficult for those with anxiety, but meditation can help. 

Some people use CBD to help calm themselves even more and reach an optimal mental state. If you are considering to do this, you should research more about the correct CBD dosage for yourself. 

If you want to meditate, you must commit a certain amount of time each day. You should get rid of any distractions and clear your mind. Most people meditate by focusing on their breathing and nothing more. This will help you gain control of your thoughts and stop the negative ones in their tracks. 

This technique takes practice and patience. You may have a hard time controlling thoughts at first, but don’t give up. 

2. Talk to Someone

Stress can build up over time and can become an even bigger problem. 

Talking to a friend, family member, or professional can have a positive impact on your health though. Many people find that talking to someone can relieve stress. Talking and venting can allow you the space to explore your ideas and grow.

Often, whoever the person is that your talking to will offer advice. This advice can help you learn different methods of coping and discover that you are not alone. Having someone positive in your life can help you vent so that the negative self-talk doesn’t happen. 

If you are dealing with negative thoughts about yourself and need help you can talk to someone at any time of the year. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Association have a national helpline that you can call 24/7, any day of the year. 

3. Become Your Biggest Supporter

Do you find yourself constantly critiquing everything you do? 

Only focusing on the negatives and mistakes can lead to negative self- talk. Instead of focusing on your flaws, you should replace these thoughts with positive ones.

The next time that you find yourself thinking negatively, try to think of a positive thing about yourself. Remembering accomplishments can help give you the confidence to push away negative thoughts. 

For every negative thing you think, consider a positive one. It is important not to repeat the same things just to get the mental challenge done. To get the most out of this technique you should be challenging yourself and considering things on a deeper level. 

Becoming your biggest supporter will take you one step closer to a stronger and healthier mind. 

4. Use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

If you deal with a generalized anxiety disorder you can benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy. 

This type of therapy focuses on controlling your thoughts and not allowing negative things to take over. The idea is that by using this technique, you can also change the way that you feel. 

Many therapists offer this type of therapy, so you must find one that you feel comfortable to work with. With regular therapy meetings, you can explore what is holding you back and making you think so harshly of yourself. Having a professional by your side can allow you to learn more coping strategies. 

You may discover that this type of therapy is challenging at first, but once you get the hang of it, it will become a natural way of thinking. 

5. Focus on the Good Things 

Although focusing on good things is a part of cognitive-behavioral therapy, you should learn to do it in every setting.

Thinking this way in your therapist’s office is simple but translating over to real-life can be difficult. When you go to work and aren’t getting a promotion that you worked hard for, you still need to remain positive.

You can think of the improvements that you have made and all of the people who have helped you along the way. Every thought and action, no matter how big or small should be looked at in a positive light. 

Training your mind to focus on positive things will help make your life better overall. You won’t notice as much bad in the world because you won’t have time for it. The good things will help excel you forward into a life you’ve always dreamed of. 

Kick Negative Self-Talk to the Curb 

Most people have dealt with some sort of anxiety and oftentimes, it can be controlled.

Unfortunately, for some, anxiety can snowball and become even worse, leaving you with no self-confidence. Getting rid of negative self-talk can help improve your life and get you feeling back to your normal self again. 

Utilizing this guide, you can learn to think more positively about yourself and regain control over your mind once again. You shouldn’t have to live a life that makes you hurt. Focusing on the good and getting professional help are excellent ways to transform your life into something better.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles with tips on improving mental health and creating a happier life! 

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