How to Start Riding Horses: A Guide for Beginners

Deciding to take up horseback riding can be a beneficial decision in many aspects. Riding horses has been shown to calm nerves as well as make the rider more confident. Horseback writing is a large and rewarding commitment. 

If you’ve been considering taking up riding there are things you need to learn and consider. Here is your guide to start riding horses. These riding tips may help you finalize your decision and be ready for that first trot with your new friend. 

Locate a Local Barn or Stable 

You can’t very well begin riding horses without a horse. The first step in beginning horseback riding is to find a local stable that gives riding lessons. Look around your town or city for a community stable that offers riding lessons. 

These stables often have websites that give you further information. They will tell you what the lessons include and what you should expect. Be sure that you are comfortable with the stable option you choose. 

Look over reviews of the stable. Doing so will give you an indication of what to expect when you first go to the barn to meet the instructors and their animals

Riding Gear Is a Must

You and your new horse friend will benefit from riding gear that is right for you both. Seeking out the right type of riding gear should always come with help from a professional. Professionals know how to help you and the horse best benefit from your gear. 

When buying your riding gear ask the stable what you should be looking out for. Find out if there is anything protective that you want to remember to buy prior to your first lesson. Purchasing the right gear will make this new hobby a simple transition.

Set Reasonable Expectations 

Not everyone is going to get on the horse for the first time and be great at riding. Horseback riding takes practice just like any other hobby. Riding may even take more practice than you are anticipating.

When it comes to equestrian goals keep your expectations reasonable. You don’t want to put pressure on yourself or the horse. All of your goals should be set within a timely expectation. 

Spend time getting to know your horse. This will help you to identify what works best for you as a rider and your horse as your riding partner. It may take more time than you expect to do more than just walk in leading circles. 

One of the most important parts of horseback riding is to develop a close relationship with the animal. 

Riding Horses Is a Wonderful Hobby

Riding horses is an opportunity to not only learn a new skill but to begin an adventure of a lifetime. The bond you will share with the animals is new and exciting. Equestrian lessons are worth the work and the reward. 

Can we convince you of more hobbies other than horseback riding? Are you looking for more general advice with your next lifetime goals? Our articles may have exactly what you’ve been looking for. 


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