The Complete Guide to Choosing a Scent Diffuser for Homeowners

The human nose has over 400 olfactory receptors that help to detect smells. Put these receptors to work by adding a diffuser to your home. This lets you choose a signature scent that will assist in creating your desired energy in your home. 

Perhaps you use a soft lavender for a calming effect. Or you could have bright citrus that’s energizing. 

This guide will walk you through the process of choosing a scent diffuser for your home. 

Choosing a Scent Diffuser Style 

There are several options for scent diffusers that diffuse essential oils into your home.  

  • Ultrasonic
  • Reed
  • Nebulizing
  • Heat
  • Evaporative

An ultrasonic diffuser uses an oscillating plate to create a gentle mist. Reed and evaporation diffusers gradually release the oil through natural evaporation into the air. A reed style uses bamboo sticks that draw the oil up, while evaporation styles have a porous ceramic plate. 

Nebulizers atomize the oil in a fine particle, which results in the use more oil than other diffuser types. Heat diffusers will have either an electrical warming plate or a flame that heats the oil to release the scent. 

Scent Diffuser Features

Comparing the features that each type of diffuser offers is a simple method for choosing the ideal diffuser for your home. Start by measuring the space that you want the diffuser to work in. AromaTech products offer diffusers that cover small, medium, and large spaces. 

This goes hand in hand with how strong you want the scent to be. A reed or evaporative diffuser will give you a gentle scent. In contrast, a nebulizer will provide you with the most robust aroma. 

Comparing Diffuser Prices

The cheapest diffuser method is one that uses heat. However, it isn’t the most efficient and can present a fire hazard. A safer alternative is a reed diffuser that doesn’t require heat or open flame. 

Remember that you get what you pay for, so opting for the cheapest option doesn’t always get you the results you hope to achieve. Invest in the best quality diffuser that you can afford. 

Online Customer Reviews

Read customer reviews to learn about other owners’ experiences with a specific diffuser. This helps you better understand the user experience. This is where you learn that the diffuser malfunctions, is a pain to clean, or works especially well with a particular type of essential oil. 

What Scents Do You Want to Diffuse?

Essential oils come in a range of viscosities, so they don’t all work with all diffusers. Consider the type of oil you plan to use so that you buy a diffuser that’s compatible. Purchase the wrong diffuser, and the oil could quickly clog it up, making you clean it more often than necessary. 

Some diffuser manufacturers make their own essential oil formulations that are specifically designed for use with their diffusers. 

Customize Your Home’s Smell 

Placing one or more diffusers in your home can give your home a signature scent. Add one to the bathroom for a spa-like feel and another in the living room for a welcoming scent. Choosing a scent diffuser should be a thoughtful process to ensure you buy the right diffuser for each space. 

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