How to Tell If Someone Is an Alcoholic

Have you been wondering how to tell if someone is an alcoholic? Perhaps you’ve noticed a change in your loved one’s moods and behaviors. Or, maybe you know alcoholism runs in their family and they’re reaching for the bottle too often. 

Either way, there are a few key indicators that it may be time to step in and have an open conversation if they’ll accept it. All you can do is try and there’s certainly no harm in that. Here are five warning signs that your loved one may be facing a terrible internal battle and just need a helping hand. 

1. They Lie About Their Consumption

An alcoholic will be the first one to tip their hand. They’ll know something’s wrong and they’re drinking too much, and they’ll lie about it. Perhaps they’ll deny going to the bar after work.

Maybe they’ll say they only had one drink when it’s obvious they had several. You can ask them if they’ve been drinking again today and they’ll probably deny it. This kind of deceit will be your first clue that something’s very, very wrong. 

2. They Excuse Their Consumption

Sure, society says it’s acceptable to have a glass of wine to unwind or pound a pint with a friend to catch up on life. That’s one thing.

But, when someone starts saying they “need” a drink to take the edge off (and then they consume three) and this starts to become a regular occurrence, know that they’re entering in a danger zone. 

3. They Isolate

Another sign of someone entering into alcoholic tendencies is an increase in isolation. They might start choosing to stay home, where they’re likely drinking, to fill that void or chase that high. 

Even more alarming, if someone who’s already achieved recovery starts isolating, that’s a potential warning sign that they’ve backslidden in their recovery. Try to check in on them and make sure they haven’t gone too far back down the rabbit hole. 

4. They Choose Drinking Over Other Activities

You can tell alcohol is starting to take a stronghold over someone if they seem to choose drinking over other activities or responsibilities.

If, one day, they were supposed fix the shed or take the kids to the park, but you find them sitting on the couch drinking again, then this may be something to take note of. 

5. They Suspect They Have a Problem

Again, most alcoholics will know they have a problem long before the rest of the world. Trouble is, will they admit it? If your loved one casually mentions they think they have a drinking problem, talk to them about it. 

Do they have things in their search history like “rehab drinking problem?” Do they seem a bit more downtrodden and full of worry or woe? Take the opportunity to encourage them to seek help, whether that’s AA or individual counseling. 

How to Tell If Someone Is An Alcoholic

If you’re wondering how to tell if someone is an alcoholic, there are many indicators. You’ll note changes in their mood and speech, as well as changes in their behavior and social tendencies.

But, the good news is, you’re being handed a wonderful opportunity to extend a helping hand. Whether or not they’ll accept it is between them and God, but give it a try anyway. 

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