Improve Your Shooting Accuracy With A VR Gun Stock

You need to hit the shooting range, but there’s just one problem: the shooting range is closed.

Or maybe you don’t have time in your busy schedule to get there. Who knows, maybe it’s too far from home. The last thing you should do is take your rifle out back and do some target practice on the neighbor’s fence!

Luckily for you, you don’t have to with a VR gun stock.

VR gun stocks add a new level of realism to your VR setup. They allow you to shoot a digital rifle as if it were the real thing. With the best VR gun stock, you can easily insert controllers and start shooting.

Keep reading to find out why you need to purchase a VR gun stock.

Why a VR Gun Stock?

When playing FPS (first-person shooters) you often find yourself holding your controllers up at shoulder height. This gets tiring after only a few minutes. That degrades your gameplay performance.

Further, it’s hard to line up your hands to get optimal aim. This isn’t an issue with pistols, but lining up iron sights with a rifle is another thing. In intense shootouts, accuracy is king.

How a VR Gun Stock Works

A cheap VR gun stock brings a level of immersion you can’t get otherwise. It attaches a physical object to a digital space in a convenient way. It allows you to easily attach and detach controllers as the game requirements change.

Like a real gun, you can rest the stock against your shoulder. That reduces arm tire, allowing you to hold up the controllers for longer periods of time. You can rest the stock on a sling whenever you need a break.

Further, it allows you to line up your controllers perfectly every time. You no longer have to spend a second or two getting one in front of the other. The second you raise your hands, you’re ready to shoot.

You can make a DIY VR gun stock, or you can visit here for one that’s already made. The Cobra VR gun stock is a great option for beginners. These are light stocks that you can hold up for minutes or even hours without getting exhausted.

VR Gun Stocks Provide Unparalleled Accuracy

So how does this tie into practicing at the shooting range? VR is more realistic than you might think. It uses stereoscopic lenses that function like your binocular vision.

Without VR, you get a static, one-dimensional image. There’s no way to close one eye so you can aim down a sight. For target shooters, it’s extremely important to account for the image your second eye gives. 

Upgrade Your Shooting Practice With a VR Gun Stock

VR games provide an incredible level of realism and immersion. But a VR gun stock adds another layer of immersion you can’t get otherwise. VR gun stocks allow you to practice shooting in a digital world where you cannot accidentally harm others.

Purchase a VR gun stock today and see the difference for yourself!

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