What Is a Hookah Lounge? A Relaxation Guide

So, your friends want to go out to celebrate the weekend. Where do you go?

A.) The same dated local bar you visit most Saturday nights?

B.) A crowded bar downtown with overpriced drinks?

Both options are pretty routine and lose their appeal quickly. 

What if there was another choice? A location that is relaxing while still offering the nightlife experience.

Hookah bars are a great alternative to a traditional nightclub or bar. Wondering what is a hookah lounge? Keep reading to find out why these bars make a great addition to your weekend rotation. 

What is a Hookah Lounge

A hookah bar is a lounge where people share shisha (tobacco with added flavoring). Booths and sections are usually centered around a table with a communal hookah pipe. 

You can request your own hookah, but it is commonplace for your group to share one. Hookahs come with multiple mouthpieces to keep from spreading germs. If a pipe only has one or two mouthpieces, hookah bars will usually supply everyone in the group with their own interchangeable mouthpiece.

Hookah sessions last between 45 minutes to an hour. This depends on how many people are using a single hookah. Of course, refills are always available.

Hookah bars typically price each person individually upon entry. If you’re wondering how much is a hookah bar, there’s no exact answer. Prices per person can fluctuate from $10 a person up to $30 depending on the location.

How to Smoke a Hookah

A hookah lounge will offer several flavors to choose from. Some flavorings are fruity, while others lean more towards the traditional taste of tobacco. 

Tobacco is mixed with flavored glycerine and other additives in the bowl of the hookah. Charcoal is heated on top of the tobacco to vaporize it into the water below. The water tank at the base filters the vapor before it hits your lungs.

Attached to the bottom of the hookah base, there are pipes. The amount of pipes depends on the size of the hookah, but most usually have at least two pipes. 

To smoke a hookah, inhale on the hose. Inhaling lightly allows you to savor the flavor and avoid feelings of nausea. Be sure to only let one person hit the hookah at a time so you don’t burn through the tobacco.  

Smoking hookah is meant to be a relaxing and social experience, so take your time enjoying it. If you’re new to smoking hookah, you may experience a slight buzz.

Different Types of Hookah Bars

Hookah bars and lounges differ by establishment. Some bars may only offer hookah with music and relaxing decor. Other hookah lounges may also offer a dance floor, a full bar menu, and dining options. 

Hookah is becoming increasingly popular, so regular nightclubs are starting to offer hookah pipes. Patrons can either smoke in a VIP section or relax in a part of the club dedicated to hookah.

Choosing the right hookah bar for you is all about the experience you’re looking to have. If bars aren’t your scene, you can purchase all hookah supplies at a local smokeshop! Lots of people have hookah setups in their own homes, so this is a great option if you rather entertain a group than go out. 

Experience a Hookah Lounge Yourself

Ready to experience a new part of nightlife? Luckily hookah bars are very accessible and can be found almost anywhere. Check out some of the top hookah bars in the U.S. to find your new Friday night spot. 


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