iPhone X Cool Features: 7 Tricks to Make the Most of Your New Phone

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After setting up your brand new iPhone X, you can’t help but feel like there are more features than what it initially told you.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you are absolutely correct! There are so many iPhone X cool features that people are unaware of.

Today, you’re going to learn about seven great iPhone X features!

iPhone X Cool Features: Don’t Miss Out! 

There are so many tips and tricks inside of your iPhone that it would take several weeks to make a complete guide!

So instead, here are 7 cool features handpicked by me! 

1. Assistive Touch

The lack of a home button may be a slight annoyance to you or it could be a roadblock between you and the usage of your phone.

Don’t you worry, there is a way to kind of get it back!

The assistive touch button is something you can add from your settings. This button is always on your screen and allows you to tap it and form all of the functions your home button could do and more!

To turn it on, simply go to your Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Assistive Touch

From there, press the button to turn it on.

While you’re in the assistive touch settings, you can actually customize what you can do from there. Feel free to play around with it until you find what layout works for you!

2. Low Power Mode

You may or may not know if this exists, but it is very helpful to mention.

Low power mode conserves your battery life.

If you click the following link, you’ll see that one of the common issues with the iPhone X stems from the battery.

It may not be an immediate problem for you new iPhone X users, but, eventually, the battery will start to go bad.

This will cause your phone’s battery life to drain faster and your phone won’t be able to support high-performance apps as well as it could.

Whether you use it when you first get your phone, or ta the tail end of its battery life, to turn on Low Power Mode, you go to your Settings > Battery.

From here you can turn on Low Power Mode. Low Power mode will automatically turn off when charging when you hit 80%.

3. Apple Pay Double Tap

Say goodbye to awkwardly holding up the line while you shop! This is a handy feature that I learned quite recently, actually.

Once you have Apple Pay all set up, you can quickly access it by double-tapping the side button on your phone.

Doing so will bring up the Apple Pay interface. Face ID will unlock the usage for you and then you can pay for whatever you need!

4. Quick App Switch

For a long time, the way to switch between apps was you either went to your home screen and entered the app you wanted, or you brought up the app switcher and pressed one of your already open apps.

You can still do both of these, but there is a way faster way to do it.

Now, if you’re on an app and want to switch to another, simply swipe your finger left or right along the home screen indicator, which is that white bar at the bottom of your screen.

This will switch between your already open apps, allowing for easy access to them all!

5. Control Center Customization

The control center is a gift from Apple themselves. Think of it as a tab for a bunch of shortcuts!

You can open the control panel by swiping down from the top right corner of your screen.

As a default, the control center will already have some widgets here. But if you go to your Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls, you can fully customize what widgets appear.

This is a great way to have easy access to your most uses features like the flashlight, low power side, your camera, and more!

6. Power Off / Emergency

On the old iPhones, you were able to turn off your phone by holding down the side/power button. Now, it’s a bit different.

If you hold down the side button and the top volume button, you are able to turn off your phone or trigger an emergency call.

Turning your phone off isn’t that essential, but there are times when you are in an extreme emergency and don’t have time to dial a number or you don’t want to bring attention to yourself.

If this ever happens to you, now you know how you can save yourself!

7. Today Screen

The Today Screen is a great feature that showcases the day.

It can tell you the weather, your screen time, your battery, and more!

The best part about the Today Screen, however, is that you can customize it just like you can customize the control center!

All you have to do is swipe to the right while on the lock screen. Then, you have to press edit at the very bottom and you can start customizing your perfect today screen!

The customization options are much bigger than those for the control center or the assistive touch. This is because you can add most apps and app features to your today screen.

Sometimes this allows you to perform app functions without even having to enter the app!

This screen is incredibly useful for consolidating your most important features into one place that is easy to access and easy to use!

Make it Yours!

In today’s world, your phone is and always will be one of your most important assets. So to customize your iPhone X to fit your needs and your comfort is very important!

These iPhone X cool features should give you a good basis to tailoring your phone to you, but you shouldn’t stop here! Feel free to check out some more features, like those listed here.

Explore your phone! Dive deep into the settings and play around with it! This phone should be yours and only yours. So start customizing!

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