Light it Up! Five Fun Ways to Illuminate Your Home, Car, and More!

Three multicolor LED bulbs with wireless remote control . 3d render

Are you looking for some cool light tricks to get your house or car looking flash again?

Well, decorating with light is a bit of a hit-and-miss scenario. Sometimes you can do it right. sometimes you can do pretty, well, awfully.

But that’s where this article steps in to help you out. Let’s look at the five best light tricks that will actually improve the look of your home, car, or other items!

1. Christmas Lights 2.0

Christmas lights have a bad rep for going up around Christmas time in some pretty suspect decoration schemes. This is a shame because Christmas lights, or Christmas tree lights, are really cool and versatile. 

These lights traditionally are shaped like candles and often have a traditional incandescent light. But the good thing about these corded lights is that you can do so much with them: hang them from furniture, line walls, or throw them over banisters. 

2. Electroluminscent Wire

Electroluminescent wire is sometimes referred to as EL wire. Basically, it’s a type of lighting that produces a luminescent effect through electricity.

EL gives you the capacity to create stunning colors that just aren’t available with standard electric lighting. You can do things like lay wires under door frames or along window sills to create a nice modern highlight effect. 

Check out for a great range of colors to choose from.

3. RGB Lights

Next, you have RGB lights. These are lights that combine red, green, and blue lights to produce virtually any color across the lighting spectrum

RGB lights can combine these colors to create changing hues every few seconds or minutes. A great way to create some interest in your living room!

4. Light Strips

Another entry on the list of lighting tricks you need to know about is the use of light strips. You can get light strips in a number of different forms, but we recommend LED lights for their durability. 

Light strips are another form of accent lighting. For instance, you can add them to the underside of your car’s paneling to create a really cool effect when rolling through town!

5. Low Lighting

The last of our lighting tricks really is a trick. This is because, sometimes, the best lighting designs are those that actually use less lighting.

Why not go for one-out lights in your dining room or living room to give the room a modern minimalist feel?

Use Lighting Tricks That Suit You

Now we’ve told you our five best lighting tricks to deck out your home and more! But the last thing to say is that you really need to choose the lighting design that suits you.

Just because some lighting tricks look good on someone else’s home or car doesn’t mean it’s going to work out great for you. So, choose what suits your design needs and also what suits your personality!

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