Not a Lost Art: Why Is Letter Writing Still Important?

Some messages deserve more than a quick text or email that will go left unread or given a thumbs up.

Writing letters can convey what you want to say and evoke more emotions for the reader. More than 85% of millennials agree that handwritten notes hold value and are a genuine form of communication. Even a generation that grew up with technology understands that letter writing is important. 

Although you may not receive any in the mail, there are plenty of reasons to pick up the pen. Read below to learn about the importance of letter writing and make someone’s day with a note! 

Letters Are Meaningful

One of the most significant reasons letter writing will never fade is that it’s more emotional than an email or phone call. 

People tend to hold onto letters from their childhood, relationships, and family members. Not only can you use their letters to feel close and connected, but you can also see their handwriting. Letters are more thoughtful and people write them with intent, which makes them more meaningful than other forms of communication. 

Counteract Screen Time 

If you’ve been feeling guilty about how much time you or your kids spend looking at the screen, you can rest easy with letters.

Letters by hand involve hand-eye coordination, concentration, and intention. The mind often goes blank when the TV or phone is on, but with writing, neurons and the imagination become stimulated. You can learn about the different types of letter writing and practice fonts to make the activity more engaging and fun. 

It Improves the Mind

As you work on expanding your skillsets, make more connections and improve your brain. 

Letter writing helps stimulate the brain in many areas. Whether you’re recalling something emotional, using descriptions, or sharing facts, your mind will go into action. Some people claim that writing helps them improve their memory, communication, or focus. 

Another way that your mind can benefit when your practice handwriting is that you can expand your vocabulary and improve grammar.  

Increases Happiness

Writing is often seen as a therapeutic activity (unless you always dreaded English class). 

The person writing can express emotions that are difficult to convey, and feel good doing something for someone they care about. Aside from the writer, the person receiving the letter can also become happier. 

As long as you aren’t sending bad news in a letter, they will get a smile when they check their mail and discover something other than a bill! Take a look at this information on addressing a letter so you get your message to the right mailbox. 

Bring Letter Writing Back to Life

Once you start letter writing and sending them out to loved ones, you form a new tradition.

Although it may have been years since you got handwritten letters, you can make someone’s day by creating something special. Handwritten notes often become keepsakes and people hold onto them for a lifetime. 

Writing letters is therapeutic, stimulates the brain, and can spark your creativity. 

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