Logistical Guide to Moving in Together

Moving in together is a major relationship milestone. 15% of young adults aged 25 to 34 live together before getting married. For many, living together is a way of taking the next step in a committed relationship.

However, the process of moving in together can be a test for even the strongest relationships. Moving is equally exciting and stressful, and coordinating with another person only amplifies those feelings.

Once you’ve had the conversation of whether moving in together is the right step for your relationship, it’s time to start thinking of the logistical side of the moving process.

Combining Households

Moving in together means combing two apartments or household worth of items into one space. Take note of items you have double, such as a coffee maker, toaster, bedding, and furniture.

Discuss which doubled items you want to keep. Who has the nicer sofa or the coffee maker with better features? Then, you can get rid of the excess by donating or selling.

Also, keep in mind your needs and must-haves. What are things you absolutely want to take to your next home? 

Discuss Finances

Money should not be a taboo topic if you’re planning to live together. This next step in the relationship also means some transparency about things you’d usually keep private.

Discuss finances, particularly relating to the home. How will you split the rent or mortgage? 50/50? Or will you pay relative to your respective salaries?

How will you split buying necessities like groceries, cleaning supplies, and other home needs? 

Learn Each Other’s Needs

Moving in together also means combining lives, and the relationship dynamic will most likely change. When you live in your own apartments, you have your own space and time away from each other.

When you live together, you have to share a space, things, and time. But you’re still an individual that may require your own space or alone time.

Be honest about that with your partner, so there’s no expectation of spending all your time together from the beginning. 

Plan the Move

Take the time to plan the actual move. Set up the moving and storage process early so you’re not pressed for time. Pack up everything you’re taking to the new home and decide what you’re doing with the rest.

You may want to put some items in storage until you have a larger space. Discuss moving costs, such as hiring a moving company or renting a truck. And, of course, set aside a day to move in together.

Moving in Together Can Be Exciting

You’ve found someone you’re serious about and want to take the next step together. The two of you are ready to combine your lives and live together. But that also means you have to take the time to discuss the logistics.

The process of moving in together doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming if you prepare properly ahead. Discussing every detail will ensure the process is smooth from start to finish.

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