Paris Is…Not Just For Lovers: The Best Things to Do in Paris if You’re Flying Solo

Paris is known for romance. Between the wines, cuisine, and incredible sites, it’s a great place to go with your significant other.

But what if you want to go it alone? Whether you’re taking a break from dating, or you just like to do your own thing, traveling solo can be exhilarating.

Just because you’re alone that doesn’t mean you have to rule out Paris. There are plenty of things to do on your own.

Don’t believe us? Here are the best things to do in Paris when you’re traveling solo.

The Catacombs

This place is the coolest if you’re into skeletons. And we don’t mean the plastic ones you see everywhere around Halloween. These ones are real.

There’s a whole bunch of human bones beneath the streets of Paris, so why not go see them? This is the perfect thing to do on your own. Unless you get creeped out, then you may want to buddy up to a local Parisian.

You won’t even miss the romantic aspect there. You probably wouldn’t have gotten the first kiss down there, anyway.

Learn more about the Catacombs by taking a guided tour.

Musee de Montmartre

You definitely don’t need a companion to go to a museum. In fact, you may prefer going without one. That way you can spend as much or as little time as you want to look at each exhibit.

Want to stare at a painting for an hour? Go ahead and do it. If you’d rather skip the painting altogether, you can do that too.

This museum sits inside a beautiful historical home. Plus, there’s an incredible garden, too.

You’ll definitely want to take your time at this one, so no fear going it alone!

Shakespeare and Company

If expression and art are your types of thing, check out Shakespeare and Company. You can even stay there for free if you’re willing to help out.

You’ll find something to eat there if you’re looking for it and a whole lot of things to read. And if you’ve ever wanted to make your mark in somewhere other than Paris, you can leave a note that will accompany a book that’s getting shipped elsewhere.

La Cuisine Paris

If you love to cook, you’ve got to visit this place. This is your real-life chance to learn from a French Chef.

What do you do here? You take classes on how to create macarons. You can’t get much more French than that.

These classes aren’t quick. You get to learn for two to three hours! And you’ll learn all about how to make those special French cookies.

If you ever do want to impress a date, you’ll certainly know how to do it after visiting La Cuisine Paris.

Galeries Lafayette Haussmann

Do you plan on doing some shopping while you’re in Paris? Then you’ve got to visit this place. It’s so amazing you may not know what to do with yourself.

Feel free to spend the whole day there, if you’d like. There’s plenty to tempt you in this shopping mall.

When you’re ready for a break, head to the terrace to see a stunning view of Paris herself. This is a great alternative to the Eiffel Tower if you’d like to see the city without paying for it.

Check out the Cheese

If you’re a cheese connoisseur, you must try the stuff they have in Paris. There are plenty of types to learn about, so you’ll be busy for a while.

There are actually more than 1,500 types of French cheeses, so you may not want to try them all. Unless you don’t want to feel well later.

Don’t forget to pair that cheese with some French wine, if you’re a wine drinker. The two are served together for a reason.

Don’t Go Anywhere

There’s plenty to see no matter where you are in Paris. So you may want to spend a little time doing nothing.

Find a nice park or fountain, or just hang out in the window seat of your hotel for a while. Observing French life can be just as interesting as visiting any of the sites Paris has to offer.

If you brought any of that cheese and wine home, you can enjoy that while you watch the passers-by.

Musee Cluny

If you really want to do something unique, check out the Musee Cluny. There’s an exhibit there that’s all about unicorns.

Yes, you heard that right. Unicorns have played a large part in European history and stories, so why not find out all about it?

If you don’t go there for the unicorn aspect, go for the Medieval history instead. Either way, it’s an experience worth having.

The Classics

And of course, you can visit any or all of the classic destinations. You don’t have to come as a couple to do it.

The Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Palais Garnier, and Notre Dame will all let you visit by yourself.

Plenty of Things to Do in Paris

Your trip to Paris doesn’t have to be romantic. It can be whatever you want it to be. You’ll find plenty of things to do in Paris, even if you go on your own.

Whether you like museums, books, shopping, or music, there’s something for you in the “City of Love”. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get going!

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