Chicken Wings Without the Deep Fryer: 7 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need an Air Fryer

Air fryer machine with chicken and french fried

You can now enjoy your favorite fried foods with almost half as many calories and 80 percent less fat. This isn’t just some empty promise; it’s a fact.

Air fryers have been around for a while, but they have begun taking the world by storm lately. As more people look for healthier and easier options in the kitchen, the air fryer is finding its way onto the countertop.

You’ve probably heard of them, seen them on commercials and promotions and have had questions. Is the air fryer the next kitchen appliance on your wish list? Check out these 7 reasons why it certainly needs to be.

What Is an Air Fryer?

The word “fryer” tends to give people a very specific idea, but when you say air fryer, it can get a tad confusing. Technically the food isn’t being fried but instead being cooked with very fast moving hot air that reproduces the Maillard Reaction that happens in traditional oil frying. 

The convection oven that you may already have in your home works similarly but is not designed to produce this type of fried food effect. 

Knowing how it works is one thing, now why do you need one?

1. No Oil or Better Oil

Most recipes won’t require any oil in the air fryer. Sit with that statement for a moment. You’re frying foods with zero oil.

You can toss a bag of frozen french fries in the air fryer and a little while later have crispy fries that aren’t bogged down with grease. 

If you do want to use oil on certain foods you still can and you have more options. First, you don’t have to use very much and your options have been expanded.

A tablespoon or two of oil placed directly on the food is all you need. Normally oils like avocado oil or olive oil aren’t suitable for frying as deep fryers can’t safely heat them up enough to make tasty food. Get creative with your new air fryer.

2. No More Fear

Deep fryers have caused more than a few accidents. This doesn’t mean they are all dangerous machines, but anytime you are cooking with extremely hot oil, you run the risk of getting badly burned.

Some people avoid cooking their favorite fried foods at home because they either don’t want to buy a deep fryer or they are too worried about the potential issues. The air fryer takes this fear away with an easy to use and safe design. If you use an oven you can use the air fryer. 

3. Not Just a Fryer

Yes, it’s called an air fryer, but it’s not limited to just that. Air frying can be used on many different types of food. 

If you’re looking for a quick way to heat up a bunch of leftovers without switching out multiple bowls and plates from the microwave, the air fryer can handle that. If you want to roast some veggies along with your fried chicken, the air fryer is more than capable.

Some models of air fryers come with dividers that make it easy to cook multiple components of a meal at the same time. This is something that deep fryers can only dream of. 

This ingenious device can even bake cakes. That’s right, the same device you use to make crispy chicken and fried pickles one day can make a delicious cake the next.

Not all models are the same. Do some research, like reading an excellent Cuisinart TOA-60 review here, and find the one that does everything you need it to do

4. Stay Healthy While Enjoying Fried Foods

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages to the air fryer is that it’s much healthier. The fact that you are using little to no oil is, of course, one of the biggest factors to this, but it doesn’t end there.

Being able to reproduce foods that are normally bad for you helps to reduce the temptation to go to your nearest drive-thru and order unhealthy items.

If you’re already on a health improvement journey and trying to find easy and fun ways to lose weight then the air fryer may be the thing you need to make it even easier. It won’t help you lift those weights, but it will keep you enjoying guilty pleasure foods while losing pounds.

5. It’s Just so Easy

If you’ve ever used a deep fryer at home, you know that it can be a serious chore. No matter how careful you are, oil gets everywhere and it all has to be cleaned.

Wiping counter tops off, scrubbing greasy plates, and then there’s still all that oil to deal with. Relaxing after a nice home-cooked meal is hard to do when you’re thinking of all the chores you have to do in the kitchen.

The air fryer is designed to be easy to clean. There is no need to find a container for the used oil or a proper way to dispose of it. The appliance can be opened up and cleaned with very simple methods.

The fact that you aren’t pouring bottles of oil into it means there is no oil to spill and splatter everywhere. Spend more time with your family and less time cleaning.

6. Quicker Cooking

The deep fryer is fast, this is true. The air fryer may take a little longer than a deep fryer for certain foods, but when you look at the versatility of it, you realize it is actually much quicker than the other appliance in your kitchen–the oven.

If you want healthy fried foods without a deep fryer, your only option is your oven, which isn’t going to reproduce that fried effect and takes forever. The air fryer can make dishes in half the time.

If you’re in a rush and want to prepare some leftovers or a simple meal, using the air fryer is a much simpler and quicker option then waiting for your oven to preheat.

7. Footprint and Hot Air

Air fryers aren’t small devices, but they are a much smaller option than a giant oven. For traditional homes, this isn’t a consideration, but for those living in dorms, mobile homes, or other smaller areas, being able to replace an oven with a countertop appliance is a huge win.

Living in a small apartment and cooking something in the oven for any length of time can make the next few hours uncomfortable. Ovens heat up small spaces and it can take a while to dispatch the heat. Air fryers are great for those smaller living spaces.

Ready to Jump In? 

If you’ve been convinced, then get ready for the next evolution in your home cooking. Expanding your recipe arsenal will make you and your family happy, and you’ll be praising the abilities of the air fryer.

Picking the right model for you is important. Check out reviews of many great products here.

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