Planing Your Dream Cruise Ship Vacation

Packing, booking hotel rooms, researching meals, budgeting for gas… Why stress out over a trip that’s supposed to be relaxing?

Opt for a stress-free vacation with a cruise. An all-inclusive experience, almost 90% of your cruise trip is pre-planned.

Take to the seas with one of the fastest-growing tourism sectors. Read on to start planning your dream cruise ship vacation. 

Contact a Cruise Consultant

If this is your first cruise, you’ll want to enlist the help of an expert. Even if it’s not, booking advice can help your trip run smoothly.

The cruise line you select can connect you with a cruise consultant. If you need help selecting a cruise line and destination beforehand, you can also speak with an outside travel agent. 

Consultants and travel agents help book flights and activities. They can also help find the best cruise vacation deals. 

Choose Your Dream Destination

Whether you want to hike Alaska’s glaciers or swim in the tropics, you can find your dream cruise destination.

Some of the most popular locations include Norway, Alaska, and France. 

First, decide what experience you’re looking for. Some destinations offer relaxed island hopping while others are more adventurous. 

Then, choose a destination that fits your schedule and transportation needs. Will you need a passport? How much time do you have to travel?

Check with your consultant before booking!

When to Go

While plenty of cruise trips sail all year, many are seasonal. Colder locations might only run trips in summer months. Many tropical vacations have to watch for seasonal hurricanes. 

For most destinations, peak season is in the summer months or during holidays. However, this really depends on where you go.

Pick Your Cruise Line

The most important part of planning your dream cruise ship vacation is picking the cruise line. 

You’ll spend most of your trip on the ship, so choosing the right one is critical. Ask yourself what you desire from your cruise. 

Does the ship have the activities you want? How big is it? Is the atmosphere social or relaxed?

The most popular cruise lines offer a variety of options depending on your preference. For example, Carnival Cruises is a great choice for these reasons

Plan Your Activities

After you’ve selected your ship and destination, you can choose your activities. 

Select from your ship’s options or choose your own. If you’re new to cruising, opt for a ‘highlights’ tour to see the main attractions. Have kids? Check height and age requirements.

If the choices seem overwhelming, you can have your cruise consultant pick for you!

Finalizing Your Dream Cruise Ship Vacation

Picture yourself relaxing on the sand, mimosa in hand. Maybe you’re greeting the penguins of Antarctica. 

With hundreds of cruise ships sailing every year, you can find one that meets your budget, activity, and destination preferences. Whatever your dream cruise ship vacation, you can find the perfect one for you.

Despite the pandemic restrictions, there’s no reason not to start planning today. For more travel tips and tricks, check out the rest of our blog! 

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