Rewarding Good Health: Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs

Young businessman rushing to sports gym during break

You care about your employees and want them to live the best life possible. That begins by providing them with high-quality healthcare.

As it stands, most workers in the United States get their healthcare through an employer.

While offering healthcare is a great start, it isn’t always enough.

Health initiatives and programs offer tons of benefits, both inside and out of the office.

Read on to learn why adding wellness programs to your healthcare offerings could be the best choice you make all year.

Healthy Employees Are Happy Employees

Pumping iron or going for a jog doesn’t always seem like a fun way to spend time.

But physical activity is a fantastic way to release endorphins, natural chemicals in your system responsible for feelings like happiness and love.

Not only will these helpful chemicals make employees feel happier in the short term, but some long term benefits occur hours or even days after a workout is finished.

Those who exercise on a regular basis feel less stress — something that appears to be on the rise in many workplaces.

Reduced levels of stress can improve communication and boost productivity among other things.

Endorphins also interact with pain receptors. Employees who struggle with bouts of moderate to severe recurring pain will soon notice that their pain is lessened.

Better Health Comes with Better Focus

Working out on a consistent basis isn’t only good for the body — it’s good for the mind, as well!

More exercise and healthier lifestyle choices improve blood flow to the brain.

That means that regular workouts can help with common issues such as:

  • Sleep troubles.
  • Memory issues.
  • Focus.
  • Overall workplace productivity.

Finally, health and wellness programs promote better mental health. Exercise can ease the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Encouraging employees to participate in a wellness program may just improve your business as a whole, allowing employees to stay focused and productive for longer periods of time.

Implementing Wellness Programs Inspires Teamwork

Many employees struggle with a sense of belonging. They may feel that their efforts don’t make a difference, or that they’re not part of a team.

Wellness programs can directly remedy these troubles.

Setting workplace goals gives everyone a shared sense of responsibility and can make employees feel like their efforts do, in fact, make a difference.

Working out in teams can improve interpersonal relationships, too. Forming and strengthening these bonds not only help employees to reach their fitness goals but can improve office communication, as well.

Furthermore, a wellness program is just plain fun! To up the ante, split employees into teams and give the winning team a reward like an extra vacation day or a custom-made trophy.

For ideas on prizes, check out

Change Your Workplace for the Better with Wellness Programs

Wellness programs offer so much more than basic perks like gym memberships or nutritional courses.

They inspire workplaces to come together and live their healthiest lives while enjoying a more productive workplace.

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