Self Storage Guide: How Much Space Do You Need?

Open self storage unit full of cardboard boxes. 3d rendering

Are you starting to run out of storage space in your home? If so, there are about 50,000 self storage facilities scattered throughout the country that would be more than willing to help you out.

You can find a unit at a self storage facility to store all your stuff. From cardboard boxes and trash bags filled with clothes to gym equipment and even vehicles, you can put almost anything you want into self storage units.

Before you rent a secure self storage unit, though, you should figure out how much space you’re going to need for it to provide. You don’t want to invest in one that’s too small or too big for you. It needs to be just right.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself when you’re trying to decide how much space you need your self storage unit to have.

What Are You Going to Store in a Self Storage Unit?

First things first: When you’re thinking about moving some of your stuff into a self storage unit, you should decide exactly what you’re going to be putting into it. It would be a great idea to make a pile of the things that you plan on moving into it so that you know what you’re working with.

People sometimes underestimate how much space their things are going to take up in self storage units. It’s a good idea to look at how much space your stuff will need so that you don’t end up renting a unit that’s too small.

How Often Are You Going to Need to Access a Self Storage Unit?

After you figure out what you’re going to put in your self storage unit, you should then decide how often you’re going to need to get into your unit to retrieve things. This is going to play a factor in how big your unit will need to be.

If you’re going to have to access a self storage unit all the time, it’ll need a little more space so that you can get into it and move around in it. But if you’re not going to have to get into your unit hardly at all, you can cram as much stuff as you can into it without having to get to it again for a long time.

Is There a Chance You Might Need to Add to a Self Storage Unit Over Time?

The final step in deciding how much space a self storage unit needs to have is going to be thinking about the future. Try to decide if you’re going to put additional items into your unit as you move forward.

If you are, in fact, going to add to your self storage unit over time, you may want to get one with at least some extra space in it. It’ll ensure that you don’t outgrow your unit before too long.

You can visit to see some of the different self storage unit sizes that are available and choose the one that’ll work best for you.

Find a Self Storage Unit With More Than Enough Space in It Today

Self storage units come in so many different sizes. There is guaranteed to be one that’ll fit your needs by holding everything you want to put into it.

Conduct a search for a self storage unit today and track down one that’s the right size for you. It’ll be well worth the work you put into doing it once you start using your unit on a regular basis.

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