What to Do if You Were Involved in a Multi Vehicle Accident

Were you recently in a car crash? It happens across the country more often than you might think. In fact, around 6 million car accidents occur every year.

About 72% of these crashes result in property damage. Another 27% cause non-fatal injuries, with 6% resulting in fatalities.

Do you know what to do if you’re in a multi vehicle accident? It’s important to know how to proceed after the crash. Otherwise, you might miss a vital step that could help you build a case for compensation.

Keep reading to discover the four steps you need to take if you’re in a multi vehicle accident today.

1. Move to a Safe Place

First, make sure to move to a safe place. You don’t want to remain in the way of incoming traffic. If you feel physically able and your car is safe to drive, move it.

If someone was injured in the crash, make sure to call for medical help right away.

2. Call the Police

It’s essential to call the police while you’re at the scene. Some states require you to file an official police report.

You’ll need this police report as part of your evidence.

While you wait for the police, make sure to avoid unnecessary small talk. Anything you say could hurt your case.

3. Gather Essential Evidence

If you plan on pursuing a lawsuit after your multi-car motor vehicle accident, you’ll need to prove another driver was at fault. However, some mitigating factors could affect the case. 

These mitigating circumstances include:

  • Aggressive driving (such as driving over the speed limit)
  • Distracted driving (texting, driving, adjusting the radio, etc.)
  • Weather (snow, rain, fog, etc.)
  • Poor road conditions (rocks, boulders, sinkholes, etc.)
  • Drugs and alcohol

If you’re in a multi vehicle accident today, make note of your surroundings. Use your phone to gather photo and video evidence while at the scene.

Did anyone witness the crash? Make sure to get their contact information. Your insurance company and lawyer might want them to make an official statement. 

Other pieces of valuable evidence include:

  • The names, phone numbers, insurance info, and car information of all other drivers
  • Your account of what happened, written the day of the crash
  • An official police report
  • Medical records, bills, treatments, and medications

Keep this evidence safe before taking it to a lawyer.

4. Contact the Right People

People file a car crash claim every 18 years. After your motor vehicle accident, make sure to call your insurance company. They’ll let you know which next steps to take.

Don’t forget to call an experienced lawyer, too. They’ll help you build a case to win the compensation you deserve.

Make sure to ask the right questions when interviewing lawyers. You can use this article to build a list of questions to ask before your consultation appointment. 

What To Do After a Multi Vehicle Accident: 4 Essential Steps to Take

It’s important to keep a level head after a multi vehicle accident. With this guide, you can take the proper steps after the crash. These tips will help you build a case to get the compensation you deserve. 

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