Smart Wifi: How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Wifi

As of 2015, the global average internet speed was only 5.6 Mbps. That means a 10 Mb file takes about 16 seconds to download. It may not seem long, but slow speeds add up and cause frustration for users.

What if there was a better solution toward faster WiFi? A solution that also promised internet security and lower costs. The solution is smart WiFi, and it exists today.

Smart WiFi is a combination of WiFi and AI (artificial intelligence). With both combined, your wireless network can analyze data in real-time and make recommendations for a better online experience.

Faster Internet Speeds

WiFi and artificial intelligence can help you surf the web faster. How does it work? A smart router that combines AI and WiFi can collect data and interpret it. The ability for it to do so without prompts is called machine learning.

Using machine learning, the router will continually update its settings to provide the best connection. For example, say you’re experiencing slow speeds due to a poor signal. With a traditional router, you’d probably need to reset it and let it find a faster signal. With smart WiFi, your router will automatically adjust to find the better signal, and you may not even notice slower speeds.

Improved Internet Security

Another benefit of artificial intelligence WiFi is the ability to improve security. While you’re browsing online, the AI can block malicious sites. What’s more, smart WiFi applies to more than just your computer. If you have smart devices around your home, smart WiFi will also keep these protected from security breaches.

AI is continually learning and improving itself. If one of your devices experiences a breach, your system will update itself to prevent the breach and similar issues from happening again. Most IoT (Internet of Things) devices are vulnerable to security risks since they’re always on and connected to the internet. Smart WiFi provides the ability to protect these devices at all times.

Real-Time Alerts

Smart WiFi is especially beneficial for businesses. Where you might otherwise be spending money on IT services, a WiFi AI product can help you save in the long run.

A smart router can provide real-time alerts about your system’s performance. Instead of waiting for something to go wrong, you may be able to prevent it. Furthermore, the router can also tell you exactly how to fix the problem instead of paying for someone to come to troubleshoot.

Save Time and Money With Smart WiFi

Smart WiFi may be the answer to saving time and money for your home or business. How many hours have your wasted waiting for your connection to improve or having to reset your system altogether? Smart WiFi is the solution you need to improve connectivity, security and more.

Sensitive industries like healthcare and education especially need to protect their systems. Artificial intelligence can allow you to prevent a data breach before it ever happens.

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