Take My Money! 5 of the Best Dividend Stocks To Buy for 2018

Whether you’re a savvy investor or a first-time player in the market, there are few more reliable investment vehicles than dividend stocks.

It doesn’t take a market genius to see the potential for seriously boosting your income through the high dividend stocks 2018 market.

There are certain big players in tech, pharmaceuticals, and appliances that are currently undergoing some major growth periods, meaning that now is the best time to get in on the ground floor and start investing.

If you want to some sure-thing investments to best your bank account just in time for Christmas, here are the best dividend stocks to buy. 

Best Dividend Stocks to Buy: Microsoft 

When looking for dividend stocks to buy now, there are few better options than the trillion-dollar tech giant that is Microsoft. Amazon may command a higher market share, but Microsoft promises much higher dividends in the year ahead.

The company is seriously expanding into cloud computing, with sales rising a whopping 27% last year alone. Factor in the fact that Microsoft has enjoyed 14 years of consecutive growth, and you’re looking at a pretty nice payday. 

Estee Lauder 

It’s a seriously good time to be a cosmetics company it seems. While the current share price (as of this writing) stands at around $128 a pop, that shouldn’t scare anyone away. 

Analysts have Estee Lauder pegged for a massive 11% annual sales growth for at least the next five years, as the company makes serious inroads into the Asian marketplace. Expect humble yields of 1.4% for now, but much higher returns in the future. 


IBM was once considered a lame duck. Following the dot-com bubble burst, other tech companies looked set to leave IBM in the dust. Those days are long gone.

IBM has since become a world leader in the development of AI and machine learning technology. This market niche has seen share payout grow over 65% for last five years running.

With IBM’s market share continuing to grow, expect even higher returns than the current 4.5% in the future for one of the top dividend stocks 2018.


Whirlpool is the largest appliance manufacturer in America and one of the best dividend stocks for 2018. With chances being you probably own a Whirlpool appliance in your home right now.

The company has fallen on tough times recently, owing partly to America’s trade war with China, the company’s largest emerging market.

What this does mean is that share prices are lower than they’ve been in decades, making now a good time to dive in and stock up on shares. Once the drama has died down, growth looks set to skyrocket, so get in now for a chance at some life-changing returns. 

UnitedHealth Group 

It’s probably a non-stop party at the United Healthcare offices right now. Their five-year annualized dividend growth rate of a staggering 27.5% makes it one of the best dividend stocks 2018. This should tell you all you need to know.

This pharmaceutical giant is enjoying a round of hearty FDA approvals at the moment, with some of biggest drugs about to hit the market coming from these guys. 

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