That’s Darling! How to Design and Print Your Own Invitations

Did you know that on average wedding invitations cost between $5,000 to $8,000 for 100 invitations? This is an outrageous cost for brides on a budget. You can save money for other aspects of your wedding and print your own invitations. 

Want to make and print your own invitations that make an impact? We can help! Read on to learn how to make stunning professional-looking invitations without the hefty price tag!

1. Pay Attention to Details on the Envelope

The first impression of a DIY invitation will come from the envelope. There are a few ways you can make your envelope stand out.

Hand address your invitations with beautiful calligraphy. This detail will show professional elegance at first glance. Consider creating personalized address labels or stamps to further make your envelope stand out.

Have you heard of an envelope liner? This is a beautiful insert with a pattern or design that will make the inside of your invitation pop! You can print and design these on your very own computer.

2. Create a Professional Invitation Design

If you’re looking to design and print your own invitations, look no further than your own computer. With design websites and templates, you can make beautiful designs from your living room couch.

Need to design your bridal showers invitation? Consider using an online template that creates an elegant design with just a few clicks.

Online designs can be as personalized or standardized as you envision. You don’t have to be a pro designer to make your own pro wedding invites. Your guests will have no idea you designed these yourself!

3. Print Your Own Invitations

You can save thousands of dollars by printing your invitations at home. It’s easy if you have your own printer!

Before you begin printing your invites, make sure you have enough printer ink on hand. It can take a lot of ink to print invitations depending on how many copies you need.

Almost as important as the design is the color, type, and weight of paper you select for the invitation. Select a heavier weight paper to add a professional fee to your made at home invitations.

4. Add Elegant Details

The final touches on your DIY invitation can make the whole package come together. Think about adding thoughtful details such as twine, tags, ribbon, or lace to bundle your invite together.

Are you including several paper elements within your invitation? Add ribbon or twine to keep all of the pieces of paper neatly together. This also creates a fun element of opening an extra package. 

Adding a tag to the ribbon creates a place for a stand out message. Consider writing the date of your event or the occasion on a tag to emphasize it in a cute way.

Interested in More Do It Yourself Party Planning?

Now that you’ve read these tips, you’re ready to print your own invitations! Are you interested in more do it yourself party planning ideas? Read more on our blog to learn other cost-effective ways to throw a party.

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