The Complete Guide to Planning Yacht Parties: Everything to Know

There are plenty of ways to give your next party an upgrade. You could opt for over-the-top decorations, like an adult bounce house or an intricate balloon arch. Or, you could go more subtle, with details like a signature cocktail or creative lighting.

But one of the coolest ways to elevate your next event is by hosting it on a yacht.

Planning yacht parties is a great way to create an exciting, memorable event that you and your guests won’t soon forget. But planning a party on a boat can be a little complicated. If you’re thinking about taking to the water for your next party, keep reading for a few events to plan the perfect event.

Set a Budget

The most important thing to do when planning yacht parties is to create a budget. Your yacht party budget will have an impact on everything from how many guests you invite to the type of yacht you book to the food and drinks that you serve. For this reason, you’ll want to set a budget before you start the rest of your planning.

Setting a budget for a party on a yacht is similar to budgeting for any party. Instead of paying to book a typical venue, you’ll instead be paying to rent a boat to host your party on.

Start by considering the total amount that you’d like to spend on your party. From there, consider breaking down your budget into different areas of spending. For instance, a separate dollar amount for food, the yacht rental, and decorations. During your planning, you’ll know that if you go over budget in one area, you’ll need to subtract that amount from a different area.

Start With a Guest List

After creating a yacht party budget, one of the first things you should do when planning yacht parties is to create your guest list. Unlike land-based event venues that can often hold many guests, space is more limited on a yacht. How many people you plan to invite can have a big impact on the yacht that you rent.

Start by creating a party guest list. Don’t forget to consider whether guests will want to bring a plus-one. After you’ve compiled a guest list, create a rough estimate of how many people you think are likely to attend.

It’s always better to over-estimate rather than under-estimate. If your party guest count goes over the number of people that your yacht can accommodate, you may be forced to turn people away. This is the last thing you want at the start of a fun party!

Consider The Type of Party You’re Planning

Once you’ve decided how many people you are inviting to your party, it’s time to consider your vision for the event. For instance, maybe you’re planning an upscale dinner cruise. Or, maybe you know that your guests will want to dance the night away.¬†

The vision you have for your party will have an impact on the type of yacht that you rent. Some yachts may have plenty of space for a dance floor, while others might have a layout that allows for your entire party to enjoy a sit-down meal at the same time.

Book Your Yacht Rental

Now that you know what type of party you plan to host, it’s time to book your party venue.

Choosing yachts for parties can be one of the most exciting parts of planning your event. This is when you really get to envision what your party will look like.

Where your yacht party destination is will have an impact on the yacht you book. Do an internet search for your area and the type of party you’re planning. For instance, if you’re located in Chicago, you might¬†search for a birthday party yacht rental in your area

Look for local companies, and then browse their selection of yachts. Consider not only the cost of the rental but also how many guests they can accommodate and what the layout is like.

Plan for Party Food and Drinks

After booking your yacht, the next big part of the planning process is choosing your food and drinks. Some yacht rentals offer the option to add catering or a bartender to your event. If your yacht rental does not, you’ll need to choose catering or alternative options for party food and drinks.

The type of party you’re planning and the time of day your party will start will have an impact on the type of food you serve. For instance, if you’re hosting a late evening party, snacks and drinks might be a great choice. But if your party will start right around dinner time, your guests might be expecting a more filling meal.

Add in Decorations

While it might not be quite as important as booking your yacht rental or food, another detail to consider is your decorations.

Decorations help to tie your entire party together and help create a festive vibe. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, a New Year’s party, or any other kind of event, you’ll want to have at least some decorations.

One great way to decide what type of decorations to include is to choose a theme. You could lean into the nautical theme, or opt for something totally different.

Planning Yacht Parties

Planning yacht parties can be a little more complicated than planning an event on dry land. You’re more restricted in how many guests you can invite, you need to coordinate getting food and drinks onboard before you depart, and you might be more limited in how long you have to decorate or clean up afterward.

But with this planning guide, you can elevate your next party by taking to the water for an exciting boat party your guests won’t soon forget! Put this guide to work to plan your own yacht party.

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