How to Find Where Your Favorite Shows Are Streaming

If you love nothing more than watching movies via streaming platforms like Hulu or Amazon Prime, you’re in good company—streaming has now overtaken cable as the most popular way to watch content. They’re cheaper than cable, offer infinite options, and are accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

However, with so many movies, shows, and documentaries on each site, how can you find your favorites? With many movie buffs having multiple subscriptions, it can take a lot of time to find what you’re looking for.

To make life easier, keep reading to learn the best ways to find out where your shows are streaming.

Google Can Always Help

When in doubt, Google it! One of the easiest ways to find streaming services is just to search the name of the show plus ‘where to watch’.

It should bring up all of your options, letting you see each subscription service that offers that show. However, for less popular or niche shows, there’s always a chance that a search won’t yield results—but it’s worth a try!

Ask Your Friends

If you’re chatting with your friends about their weekend plans and they mention an awesome new show, don’t be afraid to ask them where they found it. Word of mouth from friends or relatives is one of the best ways to not only find new shows, but also where to watch them.

Most online streaming platforms offer thousands of shows, with new options added each month. So, advice from friends can help you discover hidden gems you might have missed otherwise.

Streaming Services Have Search Bars

Just in case you didn’t know this, you can actually search for shows directly within the streaming service. Netflix, for example, has a search bar on the top right corner of the home screen.

It’s often in small font, so might not be easy to see. Usually, you can search by all sorts of topics, including the name of the show, the genre, and even the name of an actor who appears in it.

Try Out a Dedicated Searching Site

Another awesome way to find your favorite shows is with a dedicated searching site, like These sites are easy to use—simply search for your show and you’ll then be directed straight to the platform where it’s airing.

You can also use these sites to connect with others, making it easy to have watch parties or share recommendations.

Get Ready for a Weekend of TV Bliss With These Streaming Tips

On a rainy Saturday, there’s nothing better than enjoying a streaming session to catch up on all your shows and movies. Grab some popcorn, a few friends, and use these tips to find everything you want to watch.

From true crime to rom coms, this guide will save you time and help you make the most of movie night!

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