The Different Types of Flagpoles Explained

Flying an American flag outside of your home is a great way to show your patriotism. But did you know that there are multiple different types of flagpoles that you can choose from? 

This article will break down some of the common types of flagpoles and help you choose which one is the best flagpole for you. 

Standard Residential Flagpole

First on our list is your standard residential flagpole. You’ve probably seen these poles before in your neighborhood. They are quite common. 

These aluminum or telescoping flagpoles display your American flag proudly in your front yard. Some cities do not allow flagpoles, so be sure to check out your local zoning guides first before installing on in your yard, or you could be hit with a fine. 

But don’t worry if your city doesn’t allow residential flagpoles to be installed in your yard. You can always install a small pole from your porch. 

Commercial Flagpoles

Many businesses want to proudly display a giant American flag or perhaps a flag of their company outside their building. To do this, you will need a commercial flagpole.

Commercial flagpoles come in various options and have a hard protective outer layer that is made to withstand the elements. These flagpoles look great and last a long time. 

Sectional Flagpoles

A sectional flagpole can be installed for residential or commercial purposes and is the perfect way to display multiple flags at once.

If you are looking to add extra pizazz to your display, consider getting a spinning flag pole. No one will miss your patriotism on display with the American flag spinning in your front yard. 

Indoor Flagpoles

If you work at a government building or are a proud veteran who wants to display your country’s flag next to your medals and awards, then you should consider getting an indoor flagpole. 

Many businesses also like to display an American flag inside their lobby or waiting area. Indoor flagpoles have an elegant gold base, which allows them to stand upright indoors.

There are many different colors and options to choose from to make sure you get the right flagpole for your indoor display. 

Things to Consider

When choosing which flagpole is right for your display, be sure to take the wind into consideration. If your area is known for high winds, you will need a stronger, more sturdy pole that will hold up in such weather. 

The ideal height for a flagpole is 20 feet high. Be sure to measure your space before installing your flagpole to ensure there will not be any obstacles, such as electrical wires or tree branches in the area you wish to install your flagpole. 

You may need to hire an arborist to take out a few tree limbs that block the view of your pole. Look at where you want to place your flagpole from multiple angles and make sure it can be seen from all directions. 

Different Types of Flagpoles for Different Uses and Styles

There are many types of flagpoles that you can choose from. Let this article serve as your guide when choosing a flagpole for your display.

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