The Different Types of Video Games: A Quick Guide

Video games are a staple of the entertainment industry and more people start to play them every year. The worldwide estimated number of gamers in 2021 was 2.8 billion people! If you’re one of the billions of people playing video games, you might tend to stick to your favorite genre.

The trouble with getting stuck playing one type of game is missing out on the hundreds of creative worlds that exist in the gaming universe. You’ve probably heard of the most popular video games, but do you know all of the types of video games out there?

Check out this quick guide to learn more about video game genres!

Types of Video Games

The best video games are the ones that tell a great story and capture your attention. Like books and movies, some people enjoy drama and action more, while others look to mysteries and romance. Popular video games offer all of these elements as well.

Here are the top five genres of popular video games on the market today:

Real-Time Strategy Games

These games are a mainstay of the video game industry. Players and AI compete against each other in ‘real-time.’ You’ll usually use maps and resources to complete your goals within the game.

Examples of real-time strategy games are Age of Empires and Warhammer.

First-Person and Third-Person Shooter Games

Some of the classic arcade games are shooter games. These developed into complex storylines for taking out your opponents. Many shooter games let you choose between two different viewpoints.

Examples of shooter games include Fortnite and Call of Duty.

Adventure Games

Adventure games are often a hybrid of other genres. They usually require the player to uncover a detailed storyline and complete multiple goals. The play is often a first-person viewpoint and immersed in a well-developed fantasy world.

A popular video game in the adventure genre includes Assassin’s Creed: Ascension.

Party Video Games

These games have become a hit at dinner parties because they’re interactive and fun. There are many benefits of video games designed to play with friends. They get you laughing and sharing an experience as a group.

Classic party games include Super Mario Party. Many party games are now played on smartphones like Heads Up and Just Dance.

Horror Games

Horror genre video games are played to scare you. There are survival-type games that usually include fighting and stealth-type games that utilize sneaking and strategy. Psychological horror games use the narrative to make playing unpredictable and uncomfortable.

Some popular video games in the horror genre are Mundaun and Resident Evil.

Learn More About Video Game Culture

With technology becoming more accessible worldwide, the number of gamers will continue to increase. Stay on top of what’s happening in the gaming world so you never miss playing a storyline that’s perfect for you!

For more information on the types of video games and the gaming culture, you’ve found the right website. Our news section has the best video games and the latest updates within the industry.

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